Oh god I clicked members in corp tab

Once in a while I hear people in comms making the mistake to click the member tab of our corp for example because they you end up with a massive loading burden for a while, and it’s something to avoid doing prevent auto impuls to request the info. Or you might end up there just by a clicking by a link of a corp and showing the members list first :parrotwave2:

The suggestion is to handle the corp member list the same way corp kill/loss mails are handled in some way. :basketball_woman:

I don’t get it…I’ve seen a few topics or comments from you before. Are…are you complaining over trivial things or is this just really bad bait?

It’s definitely not bad since you baited :ccpfalcon:

These things are not trivial if you click on them at the wrong time … and the loading process freezes your game for minutes. The same problem used to exist with the war history tab in a Corp/Alliance Show Info window. CCP fixed this by introducing year categories.

The same could and should be introduced here and in other places with long user lists, like mailing list user list or blocked/allowed list in chats. The pages approach is already implemented in the mailing list userlist. However, for moderation purposes, this is really not optimal because every time you perform an action, the UI resets to page 1, which is really bad when you are at page 11 out of 35. Instead of pages, I would suggest categories for letters and numbers/special letters. Some categories might still be very long but if they start collapsed all the time, that should not be an issue.

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Join a smaller corp. Problem solved.

what kind of a solution is that? :biking_woman:

couple of questions.

how many people in your corp for the screen to be freezing as it is?
does your corp do regular cleaning, as in getting rid of the inactives or is it one of those padding corps who keep randoms who barely log in upto to the point where some who have stopped logging in a few years ago?
what reason do they have to look at the members tab, besides making the mistake?

if this was handled as you are requesting in the form of kill/loss email how many entries do you feel is appropriate per page?

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I have no idea, I found this to be a problem, and make a suggestion about an example which could solve this :family_woman_boy:

Screens froze at around 200-300 wardecs in the past. Go figure.

There is no mistake necessary. The Members tab in the corp’s Show Info window also lists all corp members, and that one freezes as well when there are hundreds of entries.

that was more to identify if it was actually needed. The thing is with every character listed thats a query sent to the character database, so if you have 100 members on that list, thats 100 queries sent to the database to get information. Limiting the amount of users shown in that list is the only viable option to decrease its loading time to the user which is why I think this idea is good. The thing is though the idea itself needs a little tidying up.

if the userlist will follow the same pattern of display as the combat log some of its functionality needs to be identified.

like for example
as previously asked, how many users will be displayed per page
what information will be shown per character
will it have the condensed view mode as combat log does
will it have show online mode
what are the search options

One that solves your problem.

Again, your welcome.

save yourself the effort with you logic :hammer_and_pick:

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