Ban the free skillpoint buddy recruit spam in npc corp chat

It’s all you see in npc corp chat. It’s terrible.


And while you are at it. Return NPC corps as starters only and not a hidyhole for gankers with corp histories that would make your eyes bleed.

Once out of your starter corp, you don’t get to come back in. Like it’s been for most of the time this game has existed. Fix that and I’ll back up the OP.

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You can get back your starter corp? I know you can go to an NPC corp, but I thoguht it wasn’t the school one

I know, right? Shocked the ■■■■ out of me when I made a new CAS character and every second character I clicked on had half a dozen corps in it’s history.

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Didnt they merge the starter corps? They used to have the bloodline corps after the starter corps so you had 3 different starter corps you went back into and now they just merged them all again to get more people in and to get better communication I think was the reason. So now you have 4 only and way more people to chat and connect with than the 12 they had before as only some were populated.

How exactly is it any different from someone making a 1-man private corporation that is war-immune? I don’t care either way, but I’m curious as to what exactly your thought process is with this.

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Can we stay on topic and focus on the real problem? Does CCP want a clean corp chat where new players can discuss EVE or does CCP want the constant barrage of “FREE SKILLPOINTS CLICK HERE”?

I think an easy fix is to just ban the recruit link from corp chat.


It’s awful, npc corp chat is totally useless and mostly devoid of any real convo at this point. I actually created a thread saying this exact thing back in mid Nov., and people said it would go away in 2 weeks. Well, here we are in 2023, and it’s still out of control. It’s not going away, unless something is done. I used to try and help out noobs, but mostly just avoid the corp chat now.


We need to have some chat options that can be set per chat window, where the whole message simply doesn’t show up if it should be blocked, so not just block out the the thing you don’t want to see but simply not even see the character post it.

Show chat with contract listing
Show chat with Hypernode listing
Show chat with any URL link

And then, ideally, have a yes/no/only with positive standings toggle.


Just ban recruitement and hypernet links from public chats.

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This post is a response to @Ayakana only so if you reply to it and you’re not Ayakana then it’s my pleasure to ignore you.

It’s not as bad as some people want to make it sound. Certainly not “terrible”.
I have seen terrible things, like motorcycle accidents right in front of me, blood and guts on the tarmac… I was 8yo. That’s terrible. Spam is annoying, nothing more.
Don’t want to see the spam? Minimize the window. It’s not essential to play the game. You can even minimize Local and still see how many players are in system.

I invited a friend to play EVE. He started yesterday and I wasn’t online but thanks to the splkillpoint spam he already got himself 1,000,000 SP.
He called me, all excited, wanting to know where to spend them.

The Chat that needs people being banned is the Help chat. These fools hang in Help Chat having conversations like they’re in their parlor, cluttering the chat window with their uninteresting vomit while rookies are waiting and waiting for someone to answer a help question. that’s terrible and terribly rude.

well please tell me how you can get back in, I’m curious

That would not be workable, because there’s really nowhere else for you to go if you join a corp and then leave…if that NPC corp is all you had prior.

Bless your noobie little heart, child.

No idea. I’ve never tried. I just know that starter corps are full of multi-corp vets.

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Obviously CCP is fine with spam. Else they would not have created the hyper whatzits and skillpoint offer and encouraged players to spam links to them.

As @Aisha_Katalen said above, they could have set it up differently. But they didn’t. Don’t blame the people doing what CCP is pushing them to to do. Blame CCP itself.

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Don’t forget the tolerance of the Jita scammers. Now I know scams are well known in EVE, one of the few games which allows not just the scamming of player characters, but other players. But it really gets annoying with all the people who put in contract 1 PLEX and declare it to be 500. At least one skillpoint link spammer helpfully instructed people how to silence him and never hear from him again, most Jita scammers who spam don’t have that courtesy.

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From what I recall (been out of the game for a while), before there were rookie NPC corps and “adult” NPC corps. Once you were out of the rookie corp, you got transfered into the “adult” NPC corp and when you dropped from a player corp, that’s where you were went back to. How is it functionally any different if the issue is gankers getting a smokescreen and wardec immunity?

For starters, holding corps were mostly empty. Meaning spamming would be pointless and faking your way into getting starter players info to set up ganks would be a waste since no one is a starter player in a holding corp.

There’s always a way around the rules for those determined enough, but why hand them noobs on a silver platter?

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You must be one of the spammers. Your solution is terrible. You say you invited a friend to play, but didn’t send him a recruitment link and let some other recruit spammer claim the reward? Bullllshit. Feel free to ignore me cause you just wasting space here.


the hypernet / gambling spam is also bad.