OK I'm stupid but how the SMEG do I edit my profile

(Chan'aar) #1

Currently this thing seems to be displaying both my Username and Name, which looks damn odd. But I’m not seeing any way to edit that info in preferences.

(Steve Ronuken) #2

That’s weird. Because I’m not getting the same thing. maybe it’s to do with the ’ in your name?

(CCP Avalon) #3

Yeah special characters in your name could to do that, also if there’s a display name similar to yours it’ll display the username to clear confusion.

This is enabled by default in the software, and cannot be disabled on a per-user basis.

(Chan'aar) #4

Thanks fine I’ll live with it I guess, BUT how do I edit my preferences?

(Steve Ronuken) #5

I don’t believe you can. (to prevent impersonation)

(CCP Avalon) #6

What preferences are you looking to edit?

The settings you can change can be found by clicking your portrait in the navbar, and then selecting either the cog icon or clicking your username. :slight_smile:

(CCP Avalon) #7

Correct, some preferences cannot be changed.