Okay, Where Do I Take This?

Evidently discussing this here is forbidden. I won’t say how I know that because that would violate the rules, but take my word for it that I know. I’m not reopening the discussion. I just have one question: Where do I take my issues?

There is literally no contact for CCP outside of an international toll call I can’t make on my cell.

Will the moderator please get me an email address (the support email hasn’t responded for good or bad and I suspect this needs to be escalated outside normal customer support channels anyway) or the forum where asking these questions and raising these issues is allowed.

Surely there is a corporate email address that will serve me in this

That is all…

P. S. You might look into the folks who violated the rules by calling me an idiot and other things. I didn’t make this about personal attacks. They did. If there are rules, and I won’t say there are or there aren’t, they should apply evenly and not just to me.

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@ISD @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode he’s back a third time

Feel free to mail communityteam@ccpgames.com. As that answers the question, I’ll be closing this thread as well.