Old pilot returning to active duty - Looking for EU based PVE/Mining corp

On the 24 of september 2008 was the day where I was born, and got my first ship. I sat in the pilot seat of my brand new Ibis. A new career was on the way. I wanted to be it all! But after losing too many ships in fights, I decided that the heroic life as a fighter wasn’t for me. I slowly started mining (had to payback all the ISK I borrowed from loansharks for the reinburstment of ships).
As years went on, I one day found myself in a Hulk mining ship (of course with T2 mining gear!) - Now I could finally start to earn even more ISK and pay of the last loanshark (got tired of getting beat up for being behind with payments) - I looked at recruitment posters, and saw that a corporation was badly in need of miners who could help them in nul sec. - So I applied, got the job and off I went to nul sec, and spend quite some time down there mining the best I could, while I trained to become an even better miner.

Unfortunately the corporation got in trouble with the alliance, so we had to leave - And I said my goodbyes and went back to high sec, and started my own little corporation, where I quickly got some customers who wanted me to bring them a good supply of ships for their war (apparently I wasn’t the only one who was good at losing ships!) - I started mining like crazy in my one man corporation, which quickly turned into a two man corp. when I hired my cousin (2nd account). After mining for days, the time came to build the ships. - Skills required?! I didn’t take that into account! So I stopped my current studies in resource processing, and started to study production. So after 2 mil skill points, I started making ships cheaper and faster, and back I went to study resource processing.

After some month it got too stressfull being a small corporation and having to mine, so I shut down the corporation, and decided to take a break from being a pilot.

Years went on with other stuff (RL work etc). A few times I went back to the hangar and started up the old ships and did some mining again, and then I left the ships in the hangar.

Now a few years later I’m back in the seat of my ships, trying to dust of all the rust, and are now looking for a corporation that are “noob friendly” - Who doesn’t expect me to go into war against other humans (PVP), I don’t mind helping out with agent missions (PVE) from time to time. Al though since I lacked to experienced the last time, I will need help getting into the right ship with the right build etc.

Oh! Also, don’t worry! I did pay of my loansharks, so I’m in no bad standing with anyone. I do have a security standing at 1,7 and a total of 37.8 mill skillpoints (I know it ain’t much when you think about me being born in 2008).

I look for a corporation that doesn’t expect a 37 hour working week, who’re mature as I am (38 y/o RL).

As mentioned, I’m not picky - I’ve done trading, hauling, mining and fighting (although that one doesn’t really count).

Fly safe !

Old pilot from 2008 - Back after some years where I haven’t played.
32.8 mill SP - Mostly in mining areas, although I do have points scattered around a bit.

Looking for a corporation who’re:

  • “noob friendly”, who knows that EVE has changed A LOT since I last played it.
  • Who doesn’t expect a 37 hour commitment a week.
  • Mining and PVE oriented.

Fly safe!


Hi Rocklov,

Sent you an in game mail.

Hope to hear from you.

Check out Leviathan Rising in game! Super fun group of guys I’ve flown with in the past. Pure indy and on a HS island so any LS/Null adventuring you might ever want to do is totally up for grabs. Contact Sunstar in game or Mialta. You can find that information in game with their bio.

So while I don’t have a ton of EU guys, I am looking for high sec people to mine and have fun in an area we control. We have options for people who just want to focus on mining and we will even provide ships. If this sounds good, feel free to hop on our discord or get at me in game.

Hello I just read your post and thought I would say hello and see how your search is going.

My corp is currently a closed off corp which I have decided to open the doors to people and our aim is simply to have a good gaming experience and make some isk as we do.

I am looking for people who want to have fun and help grow the corp. I know this may not be the best corp right now but as we grow and I would like to think we will have a lot more fun.

If you got this far have 1 internet as a treat.

Kind Regards


You sound a lot like us! We are in the early stages of development, but we’ve got folks US, EU, and AUS tz.

Check us out and get back to me if you are interested:

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