Old player back for a while -- looking for updates on some areas

My account dates back to 2012. I’ve played off and on.

Station Trading
I was never the strongest station trader, sometimes on account of bots, sometimes on account of life, but often also on account of the usual factors that separate the pro’s from the rookies. Mostly it was bots though, that kept me from ever enjoying the hard-earned skills of the character.

Upon my return, I was relieved to find that my almost full trading skillset would now be useful, and bots are potentially gone, but changing orders is very punishing, to the point that it seems like once you post, and somebody undercuts you, the only thing you can do is wait potentially months for the market to swing back to your own items. Yes, I know you can post multiple orders, but that hardly addresses the isk-sucking brokers side of things. Again, I’m newly returned, and looking for new strategies.

In the end, I was thinking I’d just set up shop in a low sec station and see if I could (after all these years) make use of my character’s trading skills.

Changes in Game Balance - Paid Progress
I understand that games have to adapt to the changes of the times, and its probably extremely difficult to make any money without the usual psychological exploits that create a dopamine feedback loop and various tricks borrowed from iphone games.

Since EVE has become more flashy, with quite a few more entry points to the money store, I’m just asking if EVE is still offers the same balance as before.

I used to love wormholes. Are there any major changes with that area of Eve that would throw off my usual (2015) workflow?

Are there any major things that have changed that will take me by surprise? For example, in Eudama I always knew to keep alert. But now it seems trolled to plague proportions, so my hauling “career” might be over as well.

Thanks guys, just catching up.

Triangles, triangles everywhere (if you live in caldari space)

The triglavians regularly harass systems in caldari space so you’ll want to gain positive standings with them lest you wish to die a painful death to a random camp in high sec, they also pod you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trading is still a thing, but yes it has changed some. Personally I think the change order fee and the ticks is a good thing. It keeps the bots at bay. Broker fees and taxes are too high IMO and CCP relies on that as a primary ISK sink. For all those taxes, I should be getting health care, or something.

So yes, you have to play a bit more of the swing trade, but bid/ask spreads seem as wide as ever.

And yep, gankers are all over the place. It’s the favorite past time of the lame.

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last week or 2 back iirc they showed up in jita on perimeter gate. so it was a little NPC burn jita time there lol.

You mean they appeared on the jita gate in perimeter, they can’t spawn inside jita itself

Nerf are normal. Being gank in highsec are normal. Triglavians- NPC that sometimes camp gates in highsec and gank slow ang big ships. Niarja gone now. Abbysal dead space are fun.:slightly_smiling_face: and CCP are now owned by Pearl Abyss. PS. The Mittani and Emperium already collapse.


Changing orders is very punishing indeed now, but I can imagine that the new system rewards market research before setting up an order now, rather than just 1-isking the best order.

I’m no regular trader, but I think it could be good to look at the trade volume when you set your price, it doesn’t have to be the best as long as it gets sold in a reasonable time.

And like you said, splitting up your orders allows a more cheap adjustment of prices in case you do need to update those prices.

Some people may say otherwise, but to me it seems EVE still offers the same ingame progression (without money store reliance) as when I started playing 4 years ago. PLEX was always a thing and SP can be bought or sold which opens opportunities but doesn’t change the underlying progression sysem.

Apart from wormhole frequency and mass changes I can’t think of much, but I’m no wormholer.
It is easier to get out of wormholes now with filaments, which can let you exit without scanning your way out. These filaments are usable from most places in the game, and make extracting from wormholes easier.

A couple gotchas that I can think of:

Trigavians have been mentioned already, I recommend you read up on them and consider getting standings.

As a second: metaliminal storms now roam EVE space with certain system wide bonuses. One of those storms has the effect that you cannot cloak. You may get unpleasantly surprised in your CovOps ship at a gate when you notice your cloak doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:
(The storms can be shown on the ingame map to see their location).

Indterdiction nullified is now only present on some interceptors, not all of them, so adjust your travel fit accordingly or risk getting caught by bubbles.

These are great responses. Thanks. Yes, it appears much has changed, but much is the same. Good ol’ eve. If prison culture and spacefaring had a baby: EVE ONLINE.

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