Old player looking for a wormhole corporation

Hi guys.
My corp restructured and I’m looking for another one to join.
I’ve lived in wormhole space for years, am entirely self sufficient. Multiple accounts looking for a new home. Ustz. I work during the day but am online almost every night

All I do is pvp. In wormhole space. I’m not interested in roaming low or null connections. I am looking for a small gang In preferably low class wormhole space for small or micro gang fights.

Mail me ingame or hit me up here if you think I could find a place with your group.
Thank you for reading.

We are a small gang orientated wh PvP corp with at least two corps currently recruiting; Warcrows, primarily eutz and Drankengard, ustz.

Some of us have been playing for many years, and do indeed enjoy micro and small gang fights.
Contact El Geo for warcrows or Lenca5 for Drankengard :slight_smile:

If your interested of course!

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