Old player need new advice

So, I last played (seriously) about 9 years ago. Getting back in to things, and everything is very much different.

I do like the fact that Nightmares are so so so damned cheap now. I loved decimating lvl 4s in mine (I do Amarr missions, Bloods and Sanshas).

I want to get back in to it to see how the money on lvl 4s is these days. I can -just- afford a Nightmare, but no fitting. I’ve got a geddon kicking around, can easily afford a baddon or apoc. Anyone got any lvl 4 fits for these? I’m thinking give it a go with something disposable like the apoc or something first. I realise with things like MJDs being introduced tactics might have changed, and fits to accommodate those tactics, so any advice on tactics for each fit would be greatly appreciated too :smiley: What’s this I’ve read about napocs being able to sit there with only a large rep for ‘emergencies’? o.o

EDIT: Should add, got every skill a 4/5 for Amarr and Caldari.

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Hey! I don’t personally run Amarrian ships but I do a lot of searching for fittings. I found the following reddit for the Abaddon fittings that was up to date as of last year. I figure I’m not an expert, but enough of these people seem to know what they’re talking about for fitting Abaddons for “alpha” level clones for Tier 4s. Hopefully this at least helps with a jumping point. :slight_smile:

Ships got better rats remained the same go figure

Payouts and LP got nerfed repeatedly over the years for L4 missions. CCP did add burner missions but they need specialized ships and fittings to run.

If you can fly a nightmare though i highly recommend try running incursions as it’s one of the main ships that’s used. You can make 100 to 200+ mill per hour running incursions plus concord LP on top. Concord LP is the best LP as it can be used at nearly all the LP stores except for the pirate ones.


For brand newbro/alpha and shield tanking try warp to me.


join in game chat channel “Warp To Me Incursions”

If you want to fly armor and make the big isk try The Ditanian Fleet.

join in game chat channel “TDF-Official”

Both communities are very good at what they do and will help you make plenty of isk.

Note: for channel names ignore quotation marks.

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