Old returning mission runner questions

After 8 years away I’ve reactivated my account to play with some friends. I had a trusty setup with a carebear mission runner feeding isk to the PVP alt which I’m looking to carry on. The mission runner is set up with a raven using cruise missiles and various faction/pirate mods to be able to tank through every t4 mission. Even back then it wasn’t the fastest mission runner but safe and easy to do in the background whilst reading.

My question is really how much things have changed in terms of balance over the years? Is the old raven workhorse still viable and should I stick with cruise missiles? Fury ammo seems to have become more popular than just cheapo t1 from what I can gather. Is it worth retraining/trading for something else and have there been any other major changes to missions?

It still works well and with the Large Micro Jump Drive module it is even better than before to get around mission pockets and away from targets if things go sour.

Except for 1 new mission for the traditional missions, nothing else has changed. Non-traditional missions were added, which are the Burner missions. Those are for frigates and cruisers only, though. I am not entirely sure if you can run some Team Burners with a BS but I doubt it. If you want to try Burners, read up on them first. They will wreck your frigate(s) fast and hard if you make a mistake.

Using Fury over T1 is always a good choice because the additional DPS will help a lot at clearing missions faster. They have downsides against smaller targets (below BC) but those can be compensated for with a Target Painter. Precision T2 missiles are really nice against smaller targets and a cheap alternative to faction.

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being away for a little long than you, there’s been a lot of changes in ship modules and specs.

I found what was good years ago, required major refits to be effective.

have a good play with the fitting window and see if you can refine your fit to be more effective.

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