Old School Eve Online Corporation. Recruiting

[-RIFT] Spatial Distortions,
“A Classic Eve Online Null Sec Experience. No Limits”

Come and play with experienced US time zone players.
We have R64 Moons, Pew Pew Doctrines and Friendly corporation leadership, The most layed back corporation in eve since 2016.

With R64 Moons, We offer the best Null sec mining in Eve Online

Some of us are pvp wannabe experts. Come and show us what you can do!

We have Strong Dictatorship that has all of our best interests at

Money Making Advise. (Spaceship Mafia)

Manditory sense of humor.

API check blah blah blah. New bro Friendly.

Send “NastaKilla” or maybe “Broken Borders” or maybe even “SimpleJack McProfit” An EveMail. We will Definately contact you for a chat.

A Couple more cap pilots wanted, We also mine.

Had a fun brawl yesterday, We over escalated :smiley:

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