Old School PvP player looking for a home

I played back in 03-09. I was an FC and Corp leader all those years. I am just returning and enjoying / learning things so far. I am looking for a small-medium tight group of players to play with. I have 115 mil sp. I don’t really want to fight in blob vs blob. I do also enjoy pve isk making.

I am USTZ.

  • I can fly dreads and carriers as well.
  • Active

Hey gamer, welcome back.

Come check out Brotherhood of Spacers. We are black ops enthusiasts usually based in NPC nullsec. Most of us have played for a pretty long time so I like to think we’re competent but casual.

Have a read and swing by if you think we would make a good march


Hey mate,
Can we have a chat on discord? I’d like to make you an offer that may be of interest.

Here’s a bit about our Corp, and we are an active group of players making a community as well as having fun.


You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:
Our Alliance FCs Sig is open
Come Join us

Hello buddy,

Check out Holy Hunters :

You sound like a great fit for us at The Order of Omerta. We are a small tight knit group that likes doing things as a team.

We are into fw, ls pirating, pvp roams, pve fleets and even some mining time to time. We got some experienced FCs and a good mix of newer and returning players.

We’re drama free and of the older variety and are always looking to add to the family.

If interested come on by and chat The Order of Omerta

TSSOC has been around a long time, Lots of great and active members, living in an active area of Null

Give us a look

Wanna try FW with the police force? :policeman: :saluting_face:

Hey, Phonix,
Welcome back to EVE.
Dreadnoughtz offers lots of opportunities and knowledge bases to which to re-acquaint yourself with so you can get back to making isk and blowing up ships! We are also old schoolers! Most of the corp has been around since early 2000’s and have stuck around together somehow. I think you’d vibe pretty well with us, so give us a looksie!

Below I’ve put our forums post link, itll have info on what we offer, what we are about, and how to get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Jaded

http://dredditisrecruiting.com/ Nullsec PvP corp. Engage in subcap to capital battles, enjoy logistics/frieght support, industrial & mining resources, and ship replacement programs. New players are always welcome!

Ethereal Morality Proud Member of the Initiative

✪ Chill Real Life Comes First Group of mature people


✪ PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp with PVE opportunities.

✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

✪ Extensive Alliance infrastructure in place in space, With Alliance JF Services

✪ Experienced Corp Leadership and FC’s

✪ Friendly Members who are always willing to help

  • What We Require-
    ✪ At least one useful Alt (Cap Or Tackle)

✪ Minimum Age of 18 years old

✪ Omega Account

✪ 35,000,000 SP minimum Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc… 5 FATs per month requirement

✪ Full ESI on All Characters

✪ No Drama

✪ Willingness to train into Alliance Doctrine Ships and Be part of the Team. We often enjoy playing other games together when not logged into EVE.

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Love the blob groups spamming who didn’t read you don’t want a blob group… We are low-sec pirate, pvp, blops, etc chill bunch growing our US TZ. Have a look see if we fit.

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