Old toon from 2012 completely stripped 5.2 mill SP

I have here my old toon from 2012, i thought I had biomassed it. But due to a mail I see its still alive.

5.2 mill sp (stripped) 149 skills.

Has a nice name, nice looks but the price (if its even there) is mainly there because of the 2012 birth date.


I will pay transfer, so min is 3 bil

3b Isk ready. Edited for clarity

I accept, send me in game an email!
Can round it up tomorrow

I can do now if u have a minute

Isk and account sent.

ISK received, will start character transfer in a few hours when iā€™m back home.

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Character succesfull transferred, should be in your account in 10 hours.
Date of transfer: 8/20/2023 6:24:14PM UTC

Let me know when you have received her!


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