👾{OMCH} Omnichronamics recruitment thread


We are a High-Sec based corporation mainly focused on PvE, and we are looking for pilots like you, searching for a place to relax, build solid friendships, fleet up and make isk.

We are eager to help newbros become experienced players, or to learn from the vets and expand our own knowledge of New Eden.

Come join, fleet up with us and have fun! We offer training and guidance for new players, fit assistance, a friendly and drama-free environment. Low tax rate aimed to keep things running and stocked. HQ near Regional Trade Hub.

If you are interested in joining reply to this thread or contact me in-game: Laraha Rakiri :incoming_envelope:

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Still recieving applications, get yours accepted today! :incoming_envelope: :space_invader:


What she said.

Still recruiting :parrot:

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