Omen vs. Omen Navy issue

Hello there.
After a long break from eve ive had now a month to get back to speed and am enjoying the game a lot. But a lot has changed from 2003 - 2006 when warp to 0 was not an option (lol).

Anyway my question.
I see many T1 cruisers have an special Navy issue at my disposal. And since i for some reason seem to like destroyer and cruiser class vessels a lot (dont ask me why) i am wondering what is the big deal between theese ships.
A Omen (basic) costs about 10m isk and preforms rather well for its price, but then there is the Omen Navy issue…pricetag a coughing 100m+.

What i s the difference perfromance wise ? is the price really justified or is it bore bling than bang for the buck ?

see you in space o7

… compare tool is your friend, and so is the information tab.

Nomen gets drones and way better resists or something doesn’t it? I remember liking them a few years back anyway.

Basically any special Navy Issue ship is much better than its T1 counterpart, but they can be pretty different in some cases.

Navy issue ships get extra fitting capacity, more ehp in the form of structure/armor/shields, an extra slot, tweaked mobility, and tweaked ship bonuses.

As people before have mentioned, the compare tool is your friend.

The nomen is a much better kiting ship due to the optimal bonus and improved mobility. Watch your cap while firing your lasers.

Here’s a more specific answer as opposed the the general ones given:

The advantages of the Omen Navy is that it is one of the best kiting ships in the game, as opposed the the regular Omen:

  1. It is much faster

  2. It gets a bonus to optimal range, so you can fit pulse laser and apply damage at beam range. (That means more damage and better tracking)

  3. It does more damage

You want to build the Navy Omen with nanos in the lows, optimal range rigs, and pulses with scorch. You can apply a nice damage out to 50km while having the speed to run away from the harder hitting ships.

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