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Noble Vanguard
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Noble Vanguard is a new corporation building a team of mature, thoughtful, focused individuals in the North American time zones. Noble Vanguard will create an environment of friendship, mutual assistance and good gamesmanship.

The initial goal is to find a few good pilots that would like to take ownership in key areas and enjoy working as a leadership team to grow the corp.

The long term goal is to build a strong team of players balanced in the skills of war and arms manufacture. Our future is to build our own “nation” in unsecured space or join an alliance to help secure our own home.

Noble Vanguard will be a fully functional corporation with divisions managing structures, manufacturing, mission running and PvP training. The most important goal is to assemble the right types of players for mutual enjoyment of the game.

Stage 1 Recruitment Requirements

  • Willing to provide leadership and training to new (low SP) pilots
  • Eager to provide ideas and energy to the team
  • Self-sufficient
  • Mature Attitude
  • Good Communications
  • Team Player
  • North American Time Zone
  • Use Discord
  • No skill point restrictions (looking of individuals not SPs)

EVEMail Helios Sol for more info

Fly Safe o7

Almost the weekend :beers:

Still looking for a few good men to help get things rolling.

Interested in joining an alliance and coming to wormhole space, we can help you establish your own wh. Msg me if interested

Still looking

Just join an already functioning corporation, startups don’t really work in the summer when playerbase drops.

Hey Bear, been awhile.

Trying to think positive, but sure I do not expect to raise an army over night during the summer.

I know we keep missing each other but i want to see how we can help each other feel free to invite me or Mythrael NecroGeist a conversation invite

Will do

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