On the nature of censorship


It is not censorship or suppression if you are asked to say what you have to say in another thread on the same damned venue.

It is suppression to spam your view or point over a thread on another matter so that the orginal topic is drowned.

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:red_circle: What has this universe become? Invaders complain that they don’t get free access to Empire communication channels to spread their vile and propaganda. If it was not such sad display of childishness, it would be prime material for a comedy gig at L’Amore.

It is really high time that these traitors and invaders get shut out from Empire provided services and amenities.

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Imagine if a person enter a room with groups of people talking to each other.

Group A is talking about Mindclash, group B is talking about Salvage Drones, group C is talking about Morgana’s latest erotic novel about Triglavians “Taste the flow my singularity” (details to be announced soon).

The person that entered the room listens to the groups talking about things. Decides to join one of the conversations. Listens with attention, and if have something to contribute regarding the topic of the moment, speaks.

That is the expected behaviour from social norms.

When talking about mindclash, the conversation may change with fluidity to the situation of the Caldari State, to how there is a lot of money to be made on betting, to how Achura meditation interacts with the neurological interface, or to something else within time.

It is expected that given enough time, the conversation will either change, or cease.

However, like music, conversations have Harmony and Cadence.

To enter the mindclash conversation talking where everybody is having fun, to talk about the benefits of a daily praying and flogging session within an Amarr perspective, it is the insertion of notes very different from the current music.

Usually, people will either ignore the new tone and continue to previous melody, but may change abruptly (less likely).

However, if one insists on forcing a subject after beign pointed out that the conversation is about Mindclash, and not Amarr flogging and prayer, and instead of joining another group talk or creating their own group to talk about it, it is usually considered rude.

If one not only insists on changing the subject, but also invite others to star speaking louder and louder so that the original group and topic are drowned underneath the new and more vocal participants, that may not only be considered rude, but it is also agaisnt the local rules.

So, if one want to start a conversation about a different topic other than the current one in a thread, one can create a new topic, one can link an interesting response to the Off-topic thread and expand upon that there, one can use another venue to adress the subject at hand.

Censorship is usually considered a prohibition of something being talked about or published, not when you are not given room to talk about what one wants anywhere one want to.

This may be considered censorship:

EDENCOM and Gallente Federation Agree Information Quarantine on Communications from Vale System: “Risks of Triglavian Subversion Unacceptably High”

The SCOPE deciding to not talk about it, usually is not.

There are very polite Kybernauts with well made points that are interacting at the IGS without issue.
There are also some that are interacting with one liners, insults and not giving much value to the conversations.
And there are some that are swarming consolidated discussions to subvert entirely the flow of things.

The last ones will get the pointy end of the stick with the venue rules. The middle ones will tend to be ignored or belittled. The first will tend to be welcomed and listened to.

If one wants to join the Flow of Vyraj, it would be congruent to practice the respect of other Flows.

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