Once you go black, you never go back!


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Hi there!

I run a newly created WH outfit that some asshats have called a scrubby, and a not-so-serious corp. Honestly, I’m inclined to agree. We’re not like the old, well established, gangs out there that’s true. But that is my main selling point.

You see, I want to invite you to join me in building up something new and fresh together! I’m not really looking for members. I’m looking for partners. I want to the corp to be a group of friends, of equals, where everyone’s voice matters, where we share power and wealth sure, but most of all, good times together!

We live in a C2 with C2/LS statics.
We explore, we hunt, we krab, we die, we shittalk about it.
We’re EU-tz, and we use Tripwire and Discord.

Go to Jaegr Public ingame, or https://discord.gg/MwZsUvf and lets talk!


Looking for Corp to Join!
Looking for a corporation
Boy do we have a dark hole for you!
48+M SP Pilot Looking for PvP (Preferably WH)
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Yeah so maybe the title to this ad wasn’t the best. Was trying to make a joke around the black hole in our hole…

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Still looking for recruits. Especially someone who likes recruiting. That would be dank.

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Time to make this reach the top again.

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