Boy do we have a dark hole for you!

Greetings capsuleer!

I would like you to take a moment and close your eyes. Deep breath. In, and out. Imagine a home, a safe place, where you can rest your weary head. Where nothing can touch you. Where you can let go of your worries and fears. Aaahh, breath deep.

Now, open your eyes. That’s definitly not what we offer. See, we live in a wormhole system, where death is hanging around every nook and cranny, where cloaked enemies are waiting for you to make a mistake, and Paranoia is your best friend.

Still here? Good, then you might be what we’re looking for! Fearless, paranoid, and able to read more than two paragraphs.

We’re based in a C2 with Lowsec/C2 statics.
We’re EU-tz.
We use Tripwire.
We use Discord for voice-chat.

Join “Jaegr Public” ingame and lets talk!


Love the idea and I would be interested to chat with you all about some possible corp synergy/possibilities. Hit me up in-game/discord

Talon Karda

bumps gratis

Alright, I’ll try to catch you ingame!

(sneaky bump)

This was my best ad so far. But here is a Link to our freshest ad

Kinda proud of this masterpiece, that’s why I want more peveple to see it.

And Talon, sorry I haven’t contacted you yet. But unless you’re interested in being swallowed up by us, I don’t think I would be interested…

I’m working on a new one but for now… bump!

Still recruiting.

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