Good Vibes Corp, Recruiting for Wormhole Division

We are Good Vibes:
As a growing new corporation, we have decided to expand our frontiers to Wormholes, we are currently holed up in a C4 and are looking for members who want to exclusively live in our WH.

Currently, we are aiming for those who have at least a little knowledge of scanning, Hole Control, and general Wormhole mechanics.
For those interested in a sudo-wormhole style, we also accept people of all skill levels but recommend you only join us for short periods of time.

If interested, please join our discord and ping an HR representative, or send a mail in-game to Brutis Stug, Maveriq Dendury, Brodhy, or Jeanune Lockspin.

Note: Discord is required for full time Wormholers but you are not required to speak in coms.

Just want something more chill? we offer group escalations, mining, and mission running for those who want lighter activity.

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