One Cr3w is recruiting! Sov Null Alliance Small Corps Welcome!

We are One Cr3w a member of the Red Menace Coalition. Our Main Time Zone is US Time Zone. We are looking for newbros and vets alike to join us in building our home in Null. We are also looking for corporations to add to the alliance, small corps welcome!

We offer:
Alliance & Coalition PVP Fleets
PVP Training for the Newbros
Ratting Space
Mining Space with Ice
Dumb Links to Share in Local

Our Requirements:
Willing to PVP
Working Mic for Discord & Teamspeak
Being present on Voice
Sense of humor

Our three recruiting corporations are the following
Vallhalla Beta Testers : Both PVP & Indy corp
Strong Arms Inc. : PVP focused corp
AleStorm. : Mining & Indy focused corp

If interested please join our public channel “Sovngarde__” or join our discord


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