Strong Arms! Small PVP Corporation part of One Cr3w! ♥

Tired of asking for people to open jars for you?

Cant stand how everyone can drink a glass of water with one hand except you?

Are you glad phone books don’t exist anymore, because you don’t have to lift them?

Sounds like you need to Strong Arm your way into life!

We offer pvp and our 100% guaranteed secret the man doesn’t want you to know!

Joining us you will go from being a stick man to something that would make Alex Louis Armstrong jelly. and you will end up with 4x the confidence instantly!

If your looking for a pve corp or a mining corp this isn’t the place to look.
but if your looking for pvp, shenanigans, laughs and a good place to learn your in the right place.

Picture of you once you join.

One Cr3w is based in low sec (Tama), wormhole, and null sec. Jump clones will be a must.

We are part of the One Cr3w alliance and the Red Menace Coalition. We offer small scale alliance fleets and larger null fleet with our coalition allies. Newbros are welcome and we are happy to help you on your eve career. The only requirement we have is willing to pvp.

One Cr3w

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