One-line Bad Idea thread continued

(Ragnar Sorlandschip) #262

500km bubble around FW plexes to force commitment.

(Zimmer Jones) #263

Random wormhole swallow you into J space mid warp.

(Dom Arkaral) #264


Oh wait…

(Bangalash) #265

Make resistance bonus a role bonus, and drone damage a per-skill bonus on all gurista ships.

(Kerono Thalmor) #266

Every time you use a stargate, there is a very small chance you get shot off into wormhole space.

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #267

Every time I purchase plex at full price, all members of my Alliance (Alpha and Omega) receive 1 plex subtracted off the purchase of their own plex subscription.

(Kerono Thalmor) #268

If you lose a ship over a certain value (think officer-fit marauders), when it explodes, instead of the normal explosion effect, confetti appears and cheering effects are played.

(Theodyval Kinging) #269

The item description for a “Focused Afocal Maser” should be updated to explain exactly wtf a focused afocal maser is.

(Zimmer Jones) #270

appropriate visuals for drugs and boosters

(Festmester Uctionsson) #271

Removal of nullsec for balance reasons. Why have TWO systems for PVP, when we can have maximum elite pvp in lowsec

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #272

Convert Bounties to ISK if not killed for 30 days.

(Zimmer Jones) #273

Sov in lowsec

(Galaxxis) #274

potato smoothies

(Wylex Cross) #275

A hidden space whale that takes everything in your cargo bay if you fly through it.

(Salt Foambreaker) #276

Unload without docking.

(Salt Foambreaker) #277

ECM targets can target the ECM ship

(Salt Foambreaker) #278

Tie wardec to structures

(Salt Foambreaker) #279

Remove counters from HIC

(Zimmer Jones) #280

covert ops jump freighter

(Wylex Cross) #281

Cloaked stargates.