One-line Bad Idea thread continued

Every system always has a WH to Thera.


Introduce a “heavy dreadnought” class ship that is designed to fit 8 capital turrets/launchers.

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Reduce the number of star systems by having Drifters blow them up.

Shut up and take my PLEX!

Add a new line of exploration destroyers.


High Sec


Move all starter systems to lowsec

Create a new type of randomly spawning, extremely rare ore that yields a special mineral required for building caps and their modules

Turn all capital ships into shuttles overnight and blame hackers for it

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This is a really good idea! :rofl:

That idea is not bad enough.

We should give every system a STARGATE to Thera.

You haven’t thought it through then. Getting out of Thera would require scanning the right wormhole out of 7000 signatures.

For every citadel/structure (built by players), that is anchored at the sun, introduce a random chance for the sun to emit a powerful solar flare that would evaporate the structure, with no chance of asset safety. :parrot:


This thread is for BAD ideas ONLY :crazy_face:

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New ship: heavy dreadnought. This would be designed specifically to use 8 capital turrets/launchers, but won’t have access to the siege module.

New ship class: Behemoth, 1,5x stronger, faster, bigger then Titans.

Dude I’m trying. XD

Here is another.

Introduce a kill switch for Triglavian ships piloted by capsuleers, when they are not on the Trigs site, allowing for Trig NPC/leaders to instantly explode the hostile Trig ships piloted by players.


A module that turns everyone on grid to safety level red (that uses PLEX for ammo)

Making improvements to EVE is important.

Introduce a new ship: SoCT strategic cruiser that is able to fit all subsystems.