Eight Ill-Thought Out And Probably Stupid Suggestions

Here’s a few suggestions that I’ve noted over the last few months. Feel free to tear apart.

1. Overview Filter
Sometimes I only want to see things that are a certain distance away. For example, only stuff that’s 12km to 18km away. If I could filter out the stuff lower and greater than that, then I would be slightly happier.

2. Save module layout
Maybe I’m missing something here, but when undocking for the first time in a ship, the modules are all over the place and need to be manually rearranged. If we can save a fit, can we also have a module layout linked to that fit?

3. Individual Local Alerts
Can I get a ping when an assigned pilot enters local? A little audio ping or toast pop-up? Not a big deal in a small system, but would come in handy in Jita.

4. More Standings
Four isn’t enough. Two levels of good and bad to cover corp, alliance and personal standings doesn’t cut it. I’d like to be able to immediately differentiate between a corp terrible standing and my own. Thanks.

5. Block Sales
Make it possible for sellers to block certain buyers. Maybe by pilot or corp. Yes, alts could step in, but at least have the option.

6. Pilot Ownership Alert
Can we get a notification when a pilot that we have standings for changes owners / transferred, or if they get liquified?

7. Brainflush
A pill that immediately negates the effect of any booster in action. Too many times I’ve triggered the free boosters accidentally and have had to wait for an hour for them to dissipate.

8. Skill Extraction Drones
Get skill points from corpses. Ok, I’ll leave now.

  1. Seems reasonable.

  2. Yep.

  3. No. Makes it too easy to be aware of incoming hostiles, even when alt-tabbed. Local shouldn’t be an intel tool.

  4. Your overview kinda helps you differentiate between the two. What problem are you having?

  5. Not really realistic. Players can just use trade alts to buy what they need, leaving players without alts unnecessarily penalised. Treat the market as an open market. And use contracts for more control.

  6. Used to consider this personal info but now it’s in corp history so meh.

  7. Allows you to keep rolling your boosters until you get the desired income. So no. Just remove them all from daily shite.

  8. Change that to implants and; hell yes!

Spoof (Holo-projection drones) when?
“Mirror Image” spell (c) D&D
requires Heavy for BS
Medium for Cruiser
Light for Frigs

How did the Minmatar keep this tech off the capsualeer market?

Added to stupid suggestions because I know that it is hugely problematic,
although I would not categorise OP points as such.

  1. I would take this further and ask for a system that allows you to assign guns to a slot x, prop mod to slot y, points and scrams to slot z etc.
  1. Could be usefull. In the meantime, however, know that you can change how your overview sorts things by clicking on the columns. I usually either sort by distance or name.
  2. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
  3. Many people will be opposed to that, as it allows inattentive/semi-afk players to escape danger.
  4. Yes!
  5. You can use corp contracts, or sell out of a station with restricted access.
  6. Seems reasonable
  7. Meh. I’m not sure how I feel about this.
  8. that would either require players to lose SP, or allow people a way to easily farm SP by using alts. I am intrigued by Daichi’s counter proposal though.

I ran out of upvotes. so this is for both you and OP.

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