One-line Bad Idea thread continued


Oh hai o7

Forum Killmails.

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“All ships bigger than a battlecruiser get a special bay for a frigate that you get ejected inside of (rather than pod) when the big ship dies.”

Too late. Didn’t we just get this kinda?

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That was kinda the point?

That’s why I brought it up…

The forums should include a sarcasm flag so that posters can clearly indicate when they’re being sarcastic.



no, they need a sincerity flag so we can clearly indicate when we’re not.

a sarcastic one would become so ubiquitous we would become blind to it withing hours.

a sincerity one would stand out much more and we could easily identify (and thus mock) someone trying to be serious.

This is the bad idea thread Ralph.

Quit coming here with your good ideas.



:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Sarcasm

Salt’s an old Pro in the forums. I did not think he needed to held by the hand when it comes to sarcasm. :wink:

Edit; Are you 2 his alts? :beer: Sarcasm

Enable duel wagering with conditions like “no remote assistance allowed” and “no implants or boosters allowed”.

All forums should include that. It’s extremely hard to convey sarcasm through text without explicitly stating that it’s being used.

Porque no los dos?

Ship names on ships.


Cat ears!

T2/T3 Capital ships.

Trig Capital Industrial ships.


Space rowboat. (For our yachts)

Ship destruction results in 1 PLEX dropping from your vault or 3 million ISK in your wreck.


Demolition charges for abandoned structures and ships.

Anchorable booby trap which causes undocking ships to be automatically warped to a different system

Player designed clothing

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