One-line Bad Idea thread continued

Multi-piloted ships.
Super Saiyan Fushion Module.

Level 5-10 Agents

This isn’t a bad idea, this is a good idea for a contest.
I’m still waiting for a second round of the ship design contest that was held 10 years ago.

Enormous Skill Injectors
Massive Skill Injectors
Colossal Skill Injectors
Gigantic Skill Injectors
Yomomma’s Skill Injectors


Hypernet listings for the right to make major game design decisions


looks like you got your wish.

Oh hell I snort laughed. Bravo.


Anything that changes eve from the static game it is.

DLC that unlocks even more “50k SP and 874316 7 day skins” login campaigns

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Abandoned outposts that are anchored and not fueled for 30 days becomes unanchored.

All nearby POS modules within 300km becomes unanchored. Ship arrays will eject all ships into space.

What skills Yo Momma got?

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You screwed up, this is the BAD idea thread, you posted a good idea.