One-line Bad Idea thread continued

The next Christmas filament dumps players into Jove space.

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Change T2 ships requirements to have racial skill in 4 rather than 5

I’m fine with that, but the only way to get back is by being podded, or with another filament. I’m actually curious how this would play out.

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Needle jack filaments now work on capital and super capital ships.

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Add a “Slave Bay” to certain Amarr ships.

Diminishing returns now apply to weapons.

Drop troops to kill PI buildings.

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Drop troops to kill everything.

EVE radio so I can listen to combat mission music while mining

Drop the bass to kill everything while mining?

Option to orbit your own ship, making you spin in place

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Thought this thread was for bad ideas? That’s a glorious idea! \o/

Giant space worms in wormholes

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Caught criminals must mine veldspar in space prison using only civilian miners

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Doomsday modules for shuttles

5 small ships forming into 1 larger ship while screaming some stuff like “In the name of Amarr i am captain Spaceship” and then it transforms into a large ship capable of fighting off baddies.

A “disable code” function with default shortcut being Alt-F4

Make an Orca, but for salvage.

Make a new class of dreads, but give them capital-class WDFGs.

SOE fax with bonuses to armor repping, armor resistances, drone damage, and scan probe strength.

Role Bonuses for Relic and Data analyzers and can fit through large wormholes.