One-line Bad Idea thread continued

One-paragraph Bad Idea thread


The meta is strong with this one…

Allow us to fit mid slot modules to high slots and low slot modules to both mid and high slots (maybe with a minor bonus because of the extra power they can get).

Survival game mechanics to your character

Niarja bypass: connect either Saana, Yetki or Madirmilire to a relatively close hi-sec system (Aclan would be a good candidate) either by Upwell Gates, or by the Amarr and Gallente empires setting up 2 titans as a two-way bridge.
(I thought this thread would be the best for the idea)

Player Corp LP Store

Change local and constellation chats, making local optional and constellation chat mandatory.

Stealth bombers explode if decloaked

Pregnant ships

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Using 2 or more clones at the same time.

Shield and Armour Repair Bombs.

Fresh characters start with safety disabled

Asteroids can overheat and explode

shut up anslo.

Replace nanite paste with duct tape

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Focus on the nullsec minority in terms of game change as they know best anyway.

Drones need to be fed metal scrap every few hours


Premium PLEX insurance revives ship when destroyed in combat.

Make ISK an item that needs to be loaded into the cargo hold to be spent.

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Isk can be hacked from your wallet