One-line Bad Idea thread continued

Limit wallet size to a multiple of the contents of your plex vault.

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Sell monthly botting licenses for PLEX.

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CovOps Titans.

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1500 PLEX or $50 per month premium addition above omega that doubles skill training speed, hides character in local, and doubles a bunch of other things like lock speed, warp speed, mining speed and industry production speed.

500% UI scaling option

Implant that grants 100% drop rate when killing other players.

You take damage in game for every bad forum post.


Micro titans packing the power of a full sized titan into the size of a shuttle.

Bigger ships require hiring and managing crewmembers

Skill that allows hijacking and stealing piloted ships.

Rehaul mining to work like cookie clicker.

Skins give you a % chance to dodge incoming damage.

In game tax benefits for in game marriage.

Special ship that gets bigger with every killed target

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Prominently displayed social media sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“Do a barrel roll” module

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Rewards for consecutive days logged in over 22 hours per day.

moon minerals are now randomized with each extraction

Cap Omega SP at 100M, but grandfather in characters with more SP than that.

Downtime countermeasure module