One-line Bad Idea thread continued

(Claevyan) #61

Defender Rocket batteries for battleships that fire 100 rockets in 60 seconds and cannot be turned off until all ammo is expended and the module burns out…

(Rain6637) #62

Ship loss results in hundreds or thousands of crew spewed into space

(Claevyan) #63

like, size of ship generates x amount of floating corpses on destruction

(Koopman van Luxe) #64

Manual warp drive control: warp in any direction you want as far as you want, from 100km to as far as your capacitor will allow

(zluq zabaa) #65

train for ships that haven’t been nerfed recently

(bbb2020) #66

Not like that will ever going to crash :boom: the server :smile:

(Odinegras) #67

Add active abilities to ship hulls instead of making it a module. Like nullification or a stance change for example

(ISD Max Trix) #68

Concord randomly declares wars on active corporations.

(Koopman van Luxe) #69

All NPCs develop a sense of self-preservation like the NPC mining ships and warp out as soon as the fight isn’t going their way, hope you have lots of tackle support for your missions and anoms

(zluq zabaa) #70

Stargates randomly change connections to other systems once a week.

(Rain6637) #71

just riffing on this

NPC corporation members who will fleet with you and follow broadcasted commands. Safeties green, and corp aggression disallowed.

(Greg Valanti) #72

After podding someone your avatar appears in cutscene laughing at/mocking your opponent like in a fighting game outro sequence.

(Koopman van Luxe) #73

“Fast Talk” skill adds a 2% chance per level that CONCORD will just let you go with a warning after you “accidentally” F1-F8’d that hauler

(Tuttomenui II) #74

Make project discovery accessible out of game through the forums (Browser based port).
Benefits: Don’t have to login to the eve client, can do it on your phone/tablet.

(Tuttomenui II) #75

Color code star gates to reflect destination security level on the overview. For us danger averse who like to fly around randomly through hi-sec and want to reduce the number of clicks required to identify the hi-sec gates from low-sec gates.

(Buoytender Bob) #76

Having to ask someone’s permission first “is it OK to gank you?”

(Tuttomenui II) #77

That question is rhetorical and implied by the first volley. :sunglasses:

(zluq zabaa) #78

EVE on Android/iOS - never miss a tick, never miss a gank.

(Cade Windstalker) #79

What’s really funny is, I’m pretty sure the original version of Eve would probably run on a modern high-end phone, albeit not every well…

(zluq zabaa) #80

It might even be possible now, but with the UI being so clumsy I assume you’d need to interfere with it in ways that are not allowed by the ToS.