One line hate thread

You read that right. i have to admit, that i’m not aware of racial slurs, insults, etc. beyond “squid” and “frog”, and i’m not even convinced these are actually offensive anymore. it’s a serious deficit i’d like to correct, and i can’t do it without your help!

So please, feel free to vent your hate against whoever it may be! Let your feelings take control, and free your heart of any and all anger you’ve built up! it’ll teach me a bunch!

Thanks! ((and keep it iC, please))

This thread is not a good idea.

A little criticism can be good for the soul; an unfiltered barrage of ill will and bad feeling is unlikely to do anything except upset everyone who reads it.

I recommend, suggest, implore, that people pass this one by.


First post best post.

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So it’s like every other thread, filled by the same people, who always behave the same? not even specifically mentioning Diana Kim. There is no need to sugar coat things, and certainly no reason to pretend that, what you claim would happen here, isn’t already happening anyway.

It is not a direct parallel and you know it. There is a clear difference between a heated argument about a separate subject, and a thread who’s very purpose is to insult.

There is no discussion to be had here.

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Indeed, there isn’t. I wasn’t going to engage in one. it would just be yet another pointless waste of time. it is not your, or my own, decision to make anyway.

the public will decide the fate of this thread, either by ignoring, or posting. vOv

not yours, not mine.

Paging @Aux_Aliette since I believe the very idea of this thread is against forum guidelines.


Wait, it is? Okay, thanks!

This thread is hereby closed after being reported for multiple breaches of Communication Relay Committee policy.