One point about the new industry change

Thinking about the industry changes, I wish CCP when they announce changes that affect materials would just like cancel all sell orders in the game for those items and freeze sell orders for 24 hours, that way everyone gets the opportunity to read the patch notes first before the flash purchases of entire markets happens. yesterday someone bought 6 billion isk worth of one gas to the tune of 1.6 million units, in a single move he increased the entry price to competing with him by 500%, all because he read the patch notes first and made a move.

If CCP delete all sell orders and freeze sell orders then bidding via buy orders and contracts could begin, creating a situation where sellers with current stocks get a better deal on their items and not get shortchanged because the buyer read the patch notes before the seller did.

I think it is very important that CCP take the proper steps to ensure that 4th wall issues like patch notes and IRL time zones don’t participate in the extreme gaming of the market by individuals who are basically just in an ideally located time zone relative to CCPs announcements and not because they’re savvy and good at playing the market organically.

These industry changes I’ve seen calculations putting most items they impact at quite higher prices than they have now, even if the input materials become saturated.

  • I was already browsing the forums when the dev blog released. So, I ended up logging on about 10 minutes later (already had an alt in jita), and found that I was already too late. Thus, I assure you that no one is getting shafted because of their TZ. After all, 99.9999% of all players who were active at the time the dev blog dropped didn’t have a chance.
  • Second, your proposed change will just result in a similar situation, just 24 hours later. True, more people will have had the chance to read the dev blog by then, but there will still people that “miss out” because of their TZ and other real life issues.
  • Third, your proposed change might actually make things worse. All standing orders would be cancelled, and no one would be able to trade for 24 hours. Thus, there would be even fewer units available (not everyone is going to rush out on day one to relist their orders), and plenty of industrialists looking to fix the interruption in their supply chain.
  • Fourth, a 24 hour heads up would probably benefit the bots more than it would the humans.
  • Fifth, let’s assume you meant to say that everyone would get their broker’s fees returned to them, because I assure you that not doing so would piss a lot of people off. Of course, that begs the question, how do you handle brokers fees paid to upwell structure owners?

Long story short, I don’t think this is going to fix anything, and it will create more problems. I know you felt like you missed out because of your TZ, but the truth of the matter is that you would have likely missed out regardless. And changing things would probably just result in the same types of shenanigans that go on when new consoles or graphics cards release -with bots immediately buy/selling as soon as trading opens.


I could also point out that the news update about the most significant change to industry probably since the game launched didn’t even survive 72 hours on the launcher. Now to find news of the update you need to click the news tab, which I certainly wouldn’t be doing on a regular day. Such a massive update also needs a lot of exposure so that everyone is aware of the things coming.

I know there are neglectful people who only discover there was a patch the day it lands but I think for most they would be interested in this update and its contents. As I speak it is sunday night , central europe, the update news came on friday, it did not even survive the weekend before being buried.

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Some people win and others lose as a result of factors within their control and outside of their control. I don’t think CCP needs to handle us with kid gloves just because someone’s feelings are hurt that they got priced out of a market.

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Well, that depends on the size and shape of your launcher window. But yeah, that is kind of annoying. I wish you could chose how many news items get put on the launcher, and have the option to scroll back at least a week or two.

How was anyone supposed to know that? I install the game and its set to this default size where it doesn’t even scroll. Oh my god man.

I mean. When you hover your mouse along the edge of the window, you get the resize arrows. So.

Yeah and I normally just move my mouse so fast over to the play button I would miss that. Never even crossed my mind that someone would design a launcher that way.

Same stuff happens RL. No one expects a ship to get stuck in the Suez. Oil goes up two dollars for the day.

A futures/options ability in Eve would help smooth the bumps. Yes, futures markets reduce volatility, they don’t increase it, despite what your favorite media heads tell you.

Isn’t that what contracts do?

Nope, not at all. Options/Futures contracts are a very different thing than eve-contracts. Look up “Stock Options” for a better idea.

Next we’re gonna see people demanding that we all sign a form to agree to log into the game at the same time so that no one logs in sooner and has an advantage. The login servers crash as 20k+ people try to log in simultaneously, and OP whines about how it’s not fair that some people were able to succeed in logging, but he was kept out for 4 additional attempts and thus couldn’t make easy money flipping assets off speculations. blah blah blah

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Youre just mad they are more savvy than you.

I bet you held your compressed ore when the ore changes were announced instead of selling.

Pretty much. It’s always annoying when the market changes when you aren’t watching but hey-ho that’s how it goes. I quit Eve about a year ago and sold up all my gas stocks, looking at prices this morning I could have got 4x/5x as much value. But then IMO market opportunities shouldn’t be your only play, all my supply chains for every gas are still intact, if this price rise is sustained I might even come back (but I doubt they’ll stay this high tbh).

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