One Second After - New Corp is Recruiting


We are One Second After [1OSA]

We are a recently formed Corporation by a group of friends that have started playing Eve in the last week or so. We started the Corp to help with our groups logistical issues, but also to explore the Corporation side of the game (tbh, we weren’t expecting the plethora of depth that the Corp systems are abundant with).

Our goals in the game are all over the place, some want to explore the mining and industrial side. Others want to do some PvE missions and PvP side of the game. We’re a Corp where anybody can do anything they want to.

We use Discord as our primary means of communication and will be setting up a server for the Corp once we really getting rolling (next couple days). Mumble/TS in the future if we ever join an alliance or do large-scale battles (Discord still serving as the hub, though).

We have some goals and plans in mind for the future to help our Corporation members as well, they include:

Boosted Mining Operations

Ore Buy Back Program

Ship Discounted/Reimbursement Program

As well as any other PvE/PvP operation activities

We are primarily based in the US-Central TZ, mostly at night and late nights/early mornings. (0200 - 1100 UTC) Some are on sporadically during the mornings and days, including the CEO.

We have no requirements, but do note that we have a 5% Corp tax on any Bounty or Mission rewards over 100k ISK. Also, please be able to take a joke and give one back. Our core members have an extremely crass sense of humor and we BS with each other pretty much all the time, but we do it with love.

We are currently based in High-Sec but hopefully can move down to Low and/or Null in the future!

Recruits can contact Theodore Hertzel (CEO) or Highlander Stokers (CFO) to open up a dialog about joining.

With that said, if you want to be part of something that can be really good in the future, join One Second After!


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Hello Theodore. I have been playing awhile but never found a good alliance to grow and learn with and have been away but just got back to playing. I like the fact that you guys are just starting out as a close group. I would like to join up with you guys if you are still recruiting.

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Absolutely! You can either add me in-game or join our recruitment channel @ 1OSA Recruitment to talk further.

Still recruiting. Myself and my second-in-command are about 24 hours from getting Barges trained, so we’re excited about doing some Mining Ops into low/null sec soonish.

Definitely looking for more that want to learn the game with us!

Join today!

Got a new member invited a bit ago, still looking for lots more! Once we get a good solid group of 10-20, I’m gonna look for an interesting alliance to join that have activities that all of our members can utilize.

Join today!

Total newbro looking for a good, close knit corp. I am also in the Central Time zone. I like where y’all seem to be going, totally in line with what I have been thinking about. Would like to talk more and see if we can make it work. Hit me up in game or whatever…thanks

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Sounds good! I’ll add you in-game.

Hey I added you in game for a chat.


2 new members joined yesterday. We’re now going through the motions and finally growing bit by bit as a Corp.

Also decided to make a Discord.

So, Join Today!

Looking for more recruits!

We’ve had a good week since launching the Corp! A couple new guys have joined, a couple of our ships have been lost (NPC’s, some random Battlecruisers that jumped from belt to belt to blow us up lol). Almost all of the ships being blown up has been followed by laughter and joking around.

We’re starting to gather blueprint’s and work on industry stuff. Many of us have skilled up to barges and are laying waste to belts and our newly-appointed Fleet Commander has been taking a couple of us on some random missions and forcing some into WH’s lol.

Join today! You can either apply in-game by finding our Ad in the Corporation Finder, by messaging Theodore Hertzel or Highlander stokers OR by joining our recruitment channel @ 1OSA Recruitment.

Note: Theodore Hertzel (me), our CEO, frequently has the game up, but may be AFK. He’ll get to any and all messages ASAP!

Would your corp be interested in a group of other corps to pal around with as friendlies? My corp FRX has a bunch of USTZ players as well so we may be a good fit for content sharing.

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We may be interested. I saw your invite to a conversation, but was AFK at the time. I made sure to add you though. I’ll catch you the next time you’re on, to talk further.

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Just promoted one of our guys to a higher rank and gave him some shares.

Still looking for people to be a part of the ground floor of a Corporation and possible multi-game community!

Join Today!

Just opened communications and met with a recruiter for a smaller-sized Alliance!

So, if you want to have some fun and play with us, plus the possibility in being on the ground floor a new Alliance as well, Join Today!

After some… deteriorated relations with an Alliance in sov null-sec, we have withdrawn from our plans to go under them as a Corporation.

But, we’re still recruiting! Doesn’t matter what you want to do in-game, we want to try everything the game has to offer!


Awesome! You can contact me in-game @ Theodore Hertzel.

Currently at work would be willing to chat on discord if you have it set up

Text chat