One ship that needs the navy version treatment

is the venerable rifter, this is one of eve’s iconic ships :slight_smile: and could def do with a ‘navy’ version of it being done :slight_smile:


Navy navy slicer

Well there’s a fleet stabber but not a fleet rupture, so they’d probably make a fleet slasher. Still want it tho.

I’d like to see different navy takes on ships not of their line.

Start with the Venture - Official Naval Conversion.

–Commander Gadget, BuShips

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it will not be a navy version but a fleet version of it
navy is only for gallente , amarr and caldari
minmatar label their ships with better stats “fleet issue”
being nitpickey

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I am very very sad there is no Naga navy issue!

CCP fix this.

:heart: The Naga It looks so majestic and deadly. Logical design.

The Abaddon, Rokh, Hyperion, and Maelstrom could use a Navy upgrade, they don’t have any variants at at all.


Yah it’s time we just upgraded the remaining t1 ships to navy versions honestly. Getting close to that point!

Love the idea of a Rifter Fleet Issue.


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