Info on changes to navy issues?

I read a snippet a little while ago that they were going to rebalanced almost the entirety of the navy version lines this expansion because nobody is using them. Anyone have any information on changes yet or is that still TBA?

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I would like to know as well, but have not been able to find any details. Not sure if cap rebalance will come first or second, or together. they might also roll out cap rebalance in phases, one of these phases may be quite a bit of sub-cap work which would include the Navy ships. But I have no idea really because like I said, haven’t been able to find any details on either.

I use my Erebus Navy Issue pretty much all the time. Where is the issue?

Now when you mention it, I have been longing for Navy issues of Rokh, Abaddon, Hyperion and Maelstrom for years.

Hold on! Hold on! Some of you guys want just too many changes. Almost all current Faction Navy Issues are in a pretty good shape. Navy Issue frigates are very popular, while Cruisers, BC and BS aren’t so popular due to their price. Looks like the extra EHP at the cost of dps and extra 300-400% price isn’t so attractive for both PVE and PVP (exception is a VNI).

navy issue griffin is really well balanced and has awesome useful traits.


The Issue is the last word in the name of the ship.

No! NI Griffin is an exception. It wasn’t balanced before ECM changes, not after those changes.

In my opinion, all Navy Issue ships shouldn’t have any Electronic Warfare bonuses - only tanking and simple combat bonuses.

Where do you get your information? I have never heard of this rebalance and the idea that no one uses the navy issue ships is false.

Wherever you are getting your information, find a new location.


No I remember hearing that too. I don’t remember where, but basically, navy faction boats are not in their desired place with respect to performance/cost.

It’s more to do with how you can get a pirate boat with far better stats for the same or less isk. I believe they were principally looking at cost reductions though with a secondary focus on stat bonuses.

I fly a fleetphoon always have, my main lvl 4 mission runner.

Harb Navy Issue is fine. Could do with a blood raider skin.

if i got the presentations right. that is supposed to come somewhere in Q1 2019 and they want to try and give the Navy versions some kind of personal gimmick to differentiate them from the old format of “lateral” or “direct” upgrade over the T1 version.

i dont expect them to come with something like AFs or HACs and a gimmick module but somekind of special bonus. kinda like the CONCORD ships perhaps (?)

They’re navy boats… so honestly, if they want to fit with that they should be better at fighting.

I do still believe all they were intending to really look at was the price, because why would you buy a SNI or RNI for ~550-600m, when you can buy a rattlesnake for 475? It’s a way better ship for a much lower price. Mostly true for all navy boats, excepting the VNI.


CCP said it at Vegas, its recorded on one of the videos, and some other place too but I don’t have a link and am too lazy to go look for it.

But basically, they said a whole lot of the navy ships were not performing as good as they would like them to, some hulls in particular, then they took a look at all the navy ships and decided that they will all be done.

Maybe they will give them some sort of bonus based on player faction standing or sec status or both. Would make sense.

They also did say that they are going to be doing a balance pass on all battleships and improving them and the recent upgrades to cargo etc. was just some minor QOL stuff, not the balance pass that is coming. No specifics were given though, it was all on the same vid, same segment about ship balance. Navy Ships, sub-cap / cap rebalance, battleships. you can check it out on youtube.

It was in the dev’s last one or two posts, around eve-vegas. Strait from their mouths. And I personally don’t see anyone fly anything other than a raven navy issue ever.

I’d fly a dom-navy if for the fact it’s bonuses don’t mesh well at all.

I don’t know, my navy osprey is very useful.

Oh god no, last thing we need is more grinding of faction status

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