Oniseki Corporation now serving Holders, Consulting Services

Nafomeh V
Kha’Seiref District
March 11th
16:44 CONCORD Time

To an exclusive crowd of shareholders and Imperial Holders seated eagerly within a densely packed auditorium, the first day of operations for newly created Oniseki Holding & Consulting Services was announced with great applause. The new subdivision of Oniseki Corporation will operate as a contracted services group focusing on improving slave labor output and efficient management of existing stock.

Highlights below.

  • Do you face issues with supply or waste management? Our Logistics teams will personally examine your supply and refuse chain and provide a list of customized solutions tailor-fitted for YOUR needs. We also provide all necessary equipment and references to Empire licensed subcontractors to handle construction of any new infrastructure!

  • Do you face issues with overzealous or lenient taskmasters? Our new Labor Management teams will develop a staff training curriculum that suits YOUR specific needs! Highly trained instructors will personally teach weekly classes to your staff, helping them ensure your requirements are met. We even provide fully interactive holo-test environments, providing realistic challenges for your staff to learn from!

  • Do you face issues with worker loyalty? Our Human Resources teams will examine your local practices and help to present a detailed dossier of possible sources for worker unrest. We will also at additional cost offer a security portfolio, examining how your own asset protection practices can allow for development of unrest within your workforce!

  • Scriptural Doctrine is not taught or challenged, nor is it the business of Oniseki Corporation to seek to deprive our allies of their traditions or beliefs. Rather, we offer new methods with which our Imperial friends can better direct and manage troubled labor sectors and control loss of labor by preventable failures and fatalities!

For a limited time only, we are offering a free consultation and 31-day no obligation starter package for curious Holders to inquire about what services may be offered and what solutions can be provided for their unique needs. Only costs accrued during said 31 days would be due for payment, with no contractual obligation unless otherwise signed or rolled over!

Baseline inquiries are to be directed to our GalNet site, upon the relevantly labeled page.

Capsuleer inquiries may be made directly to Katrina Oniseki.


With a hanger colony of some 330,000 slaves, I face the challenge of trying to convince my fellow Amarr Loyalists that my slaves are well cared for right up until that day when I must become a monster in defense of the Empire and employ them in experimentation or collective punishment.

I request the aid of Oniseki Corporation with the following problems:

  • My slaves share hangerspace with hundreds of thousands of Toxic Metals, perhaps millions of units of missiles, live rounds, and other forums of ammunition, Radioactive Waste, illegal drugs, fireworks, and other harmful materials. I need to know how to arrange the hanger to diminish the chance of injury.
  • Their diet is mostly limited to Water and Amarrian Wheat; I don’t understand science stuff, but I think they might need more variety. I also need to learn about Medicine; the only ones I have available are Antibiotics and Vitoc, and these don’t always cure them.
  • My taskmaster, Pasiphae Metis, is literally a sadist and needs to learn some non-sadistic means of slave control.

My end goal is some sort of certification that I might present to my fellow Amarr loyalists that my slaves are properly treated, right up until the time they are made to serve the Empire in some fashion.

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Greetings Nauplius,

I have investigated the possibility of providing our services to you. Upon checking with my associates, there is significant push-back against working with you or anyone directly associated with the Blood Raiders Cult. This is probably due in no small part to the justifiable fear of being drained of their blood while still alive.

While I’m sure you are making efforts to reform yourself into a fine upstanding citizen of the Empire, your reputation greatly precedes you. I cannot offer you our services at this time.

Despite this, I am prepared to offer a bit of helpful advice that may assist you in the future:

  • Do not share hangar space with hundreds of thousands of Toxic Metals, perhaps millions of units of missiles, live rounds, and other forums of ammunition, Radioactive Waste, illegal drugs, fireworks, and other harmful materials.

  • Do not hire sadists.

I wish you the best of luck on seeking your ‘certification’, and thank you for your consideration.


Please inform your associates that when I give assurance they will not be harmed, then they will not be harmed. I have had many pilots — including Minmatar pilots — visit my quarters under such assurance, and not one of them was tortured, blooded, sacrificed. mutilated, or otherwise damaged. Furthermore, if what Diana Kim says be true, then you Caldari people are supposed to be all brave and stoic and stuff in the face of danger, and your staff by that standard is acting rather cowardly. Finally, your associates should consider the career advancement opportunities here. This is not some small scale industrial plant of 50 or so workers. This is a slave colony the size of a small city; make a difference here, and they’ve proven they can make a difference anywhere.

Perhaps you are right, Mr. Nauplius. Several of them have been punished accordingly for their outbursts when queried. However, the fact remains that you do have quite the history even for a capsuleer. Therein lay the problem.

You see, if I do any work for you - few in the Empire will do business with me. Your history is quite full of rather impressive feats of outrageous and zealous devotion to the Sani Sabik faith, or some offshoot of it at least. Your infamous reputation is great, storied, and decidedly contagious. You are, if you will forgive my bluntless, bad for business.

Once again, I apologize but I simply must refuse.


An admirable initiative, Director Oniseki, though it is a shame that thus far only a pathetic charity-case has approached your offer.

My lady and I will look into this. Until then, I offer my sincere hope your efforts will find success whilst you serve the Empire’s interests in turn.


I hope that the workers of Oniseki Corporation enjoy building a luxury resport and spa for the wayward and liberal Aldrith Shutaq’s pampered slaves, while elsewhere in the Empire slaves use crates of Depleted Uranium ammo as a pillow because no one taught them any better.

Ms Oniseki,

Our family is the proud custodian of a number of slaves through an intergenerational labor lease; this is hardly unusual, and I am sure neither are the occasional issues with religious authority and formal jurisdiction for more serious disciplinary measures that arise. Overall things go well, but when they don’t, it is difficult and complicated to restore morale and good order. Is Oniseki Corporation prepared to consult for lessees?

This Holding is a Kingdom property, so it would be ideal to speak with someone familiar with the differences in law, culture, and economics from the greater Empire.

Thank you!


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Why a 31 day starter package?

This dissonant number displeases me slightly.


Because you might live in a longer month. :smirk:

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Damnit, we had a standard for this. 30 Days! It settles these silly month disputes

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Loai Qerl,

We are prepared to offer services to lessees within the Khanid Kingdom just as well as the Amarr Empire. I understand your occasional difficulties with morale and good order, and my teams are prepared to assist with that. Please feel free to contact me at your due convenience, and we will arrange a time to meet.

Best wishes,

Jason Galente,

Thank you for your feedback! We have looked into the matter of the 31-day starter package and have decided through input from our focus groups that Gallentean sensibilities may prefer a slightly more familiar numerical system.

To that end, we have decided to incorporate a 29.99-day starter package.

As always, it is a pleasure to hear from our customers!

Best wishes,


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