[OOJ] The Order of Jamyl loses its Shepherd

It has come to my attention that Holy Mother Amalath of the Order of Jamyl has, during her nightly prayers, passed through the gates of paradise and joined our former Empress and the Faithful that have preceded her. As was her wish her Testament will be presented here for the benefit of her flock, and for any heathens that may feel the pull the of Lord.

The Last Testament and Confession of Holy Mother Amalath, Supreme Pontifatrix of the Order of Jamyl, High Priestess of the Jamylite Cult.

God has given us a place and bestowed each of us with purpose. For most of my life, I struggled to find my place and purpose. Many years, I strove ahead, steered by blind devotion and faith to God and Empire and Emperor. I never felt a specific calling to do more than obey the Scriptures and serve the Lord. For most Amarr, this is enough. My fellow clergy would tell me that I should consider myself lucky when I spoke to them of an emptiness in my soul, yearning for a higher calling. It’s well observed that those who receive such a higher calling from the Lord God find their trials and tribulations myriad. The hardships they suffer does allow their soul to soar in the service of God, but their tests of faith can be terrible indeed.

Empress Jamyl I found her test as a Heir, to submit to God’s law and die. She bowed her head in acceptance. Her trials were not complete, as God restored her to us to save us from the most perilous years of the Empire. She died again, martyred at the hands of abominations, always unafraid. After her death the unvictorious Heirs submitted to God’s law, just as Empress Jamyl I did years before.

“For whosoever shall lay his life down for his Lord
He shall be taken into the arms of God
And forever consecrated will he be . . .”

In Her life I found renewed purpose and strength for service to God and Empire. In Her death, I received my calling.

The hardest decision of my life occurred just after that day in Safizon. While I wished, eagerly to end my life, I knew I could not. I was not the only faithful suffering. The Lord directed me to tend to the flock, to shepherd them through this tumultuous time. Her example drove me to fight. There were times I felt a poor choice for such a task. Even still, I wonder why the Lord God chose me, as there are others I feel could have done His will better than I.

I could have been a better priestess. I could have been a better servant of God. Every day I prayed, implored in prostration that the Lord would have mercy on me for my failings. I beseech you, brothers and sisters to forgive my sins and failings, to look not on my faults, but on my faith and remember me for that. For each day I bore my sorrow in my duties, with no nepenthe to alleviate my melancholy—even the knowledge that I would see Her again was both blessing and curse, for I yearned for that day.

For the past months, I have been an inclusis. As well as codifying the catachesims, rites, and requirements of the Order of Jamyl, I have been researching and penning my final work, “The Book of Empress Jamyl I” which shall be submitted to the Theology Council upon my death. I pray that the work of my mere human hands will prove sufficient and pleasing to the Lord. I hope that She will see her legacy solidified for all time to come.

It is Her legacy of service to God and Empire that is most important. The Empress-Martyr shall be the example the Jamylite Cult imitates.

After my death, the highest levels of the Order of Jamyl shall meet in conclave upon Mekhios, in the Chapel of the Empress-Martyr, in the Basilica of Empress Jamyl I, in Damnidios Para’nashu. The Lady of Damnidios Para’nashu shall preside over the conclave, while the Cardinals of the Order of Jamyl, the Holders in the Order of Jamyl, and all Capsuleers who flew with the Empress-Martyr decide upon the next Supreme Pontifex and High Priest of the Order and Jamylite Cult. From henceforth, no capsuleer shall be selected to lead the Order of Jamyl, and the Supreme Pontifex shall obey the doctrine of Sacred Flesh. Eternal life is granted in Paradise. It shall never be sought in this life.

All my earthly goods shall be given to the Order of Jamyl for the glory of the Empress-Martyr and service to the Holy Amarr Empire.

I wish my body to be sent into the Safizon star, so that my physical essence can remain where She fell.

I have no other requests than the Jamylite Cult to continue always to follow Her example of service and obedience to God, the Holy Amarr Empire, and the Sacred Throne.

To Her Majesty, Empress Caitiz I, I wish you a long and prosperous reign.

To my friends, I wish you good health and blessed family.

To my flock, may the Lord God bless you and keep you. May His Light shine upon you, lighting your path in all the dark places you must walk. May the example of Empress Jamyl I guide your steps. May faith lighten your burdens so you can continue onward. May His Will be carried out by your hands.

Amarr Victor.

In accordance with the Holy Mother’s wishes her successor as Supreme Pontifatrix, as well as control over the Order proper, shall be a Faithful baseliner whom the conclave deems best to carry on the Order of Jamyl’s mission. Kaleb Newelle shall oversee the capsuleer chapter of the Order, though it will no longer have any say in the Order’s affairs.

To my departed Sister - I shall miss you immensely. You have my love and respect, I cannot begin to thank you for the guidance you have provided me these years. I bid you good journey.

“We are brothers,’ Zakara answered, just before breathing his last. 'And in God we shall remain brothers for all of time.”


The household and Holding of Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra expresses immense sorrow at the passing of Holy Mother Amalath. It was Holy Mother Amalath who personally journeyed to Cerra Cathedral in the wake of the Blood Raider attack and performed the reconsecration ceremonies in full accordance with the Rite of Holy Amarr. By reaffirming the sacred purpose of Cerra Cathedral, Holy Mother Amalath was instrumental in speeding the spiritual recovery of the Holding. The tile of marble upon which she drove her staff continues to bear the resulting crack from the Rite of Exorcism she performed. Her spiritual guidance and unwavering loyalty to the memory of the late Empress Jamyl Sarum I will forever hold a place of reverence and respect for those who call Cerra Holding their home.

“To serve, unshakably, is to reach greatness.” - The Scriptures, Amash Akura, 25:16

By His light and His will,
Lord Reginald Sakakibara
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII


Rest in peace.

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A sad day for the Faithful and a loss of a spiritual counselor as well as spiritual leader. Thank you Lady Admiral for honoring her wishes and ensuring the continuation of the Order.


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