[NEWEL] Obituary - Marshal Protector Alizabeth

The Holding of Damnidios Para’nashu has suffered an incredible loss. Yesterday it was reported to Her Ladyship Mitara Newelle that Marshal Protector Alizabeth was slain during a ground assault upon the Blooder world of KFIE-Z II within the Delve region. While Her Ladyship was rightfully skeptical of this report, recovery of information from Blooder mainframes, com towers, and databanks within KFIE-Z has confirmed this tragic event. Additionally, CONCORD records show the Marshal Protector’s clone contracts were cancelled prior to the assault.

Alizabeth first came into the service of Her Ladyship during the Holy Rite of the Imperial Succession Trials of YC 117-118. Though a new convert, Alizabeth displayed a passion for furthering her Faith and fire for destroying the enemies of the Empire. Her Ladyship recognized this and welcomed her as a Retainer. Upon the conclusion of the Imperial Succession Trials that saw Her Sublime Majesty Catiz I ascend to the Golden Throne, Alizabeth was named Marshal Protector of Damnidios Para’nashu, a duty she took most seriously and performed with distinction. While a fearsome pilot and deadly ground combatant, Alizabeth possessed a compassionate soul. Two freed slaves, wards of Her Ladyship, found a home with Alizabeth as she became their adoptive mother.

It is with these children that the collective prayers of Her Ladyship and the people of Damnidios Para’nashu lay.

A funeral vigil shall be held within the Order of Jamyl’s Cathedral of the Resurrection, Madinat Al’Abtal, Damnidios Para’nashu, Mekhios at a future date.

Virtue. Valor. Victory.

Chancellor Pious Newelle

[ OOC Note: Nothing has happened to Alizabeth’s player, this is purely an IC death ]

For my fallen Sister -

Rejoice, o chosen of God
For our blood fills this Valley of Death,
Proclaiming our sacrifice to God,
And He shall raise it up for all time



May God have mercy on her soul.

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I wasn’t always at good terms with Alizabeth, but I always believed she had Caldari heart and was one of the most valorous people I knew.

This is an enormous loss for our whole cluster, for all of us, that we will never recover from.


I know some places that’ll likely throw a good party today. May her God judge the Beast as she truly deserves.

Never again another Long Night.


“And I to my pledged word am true,
I shall not break that rendezvous…”

I pray she finds her just rewards in whatever place God sees fit to make her. There is no soul more tormented than the disquieted.


Well, this was unexpected news… I’m sorry for your loss. I hope the best for whatever is to come.


Damn it, Valerie. What did you do now?


Well, that’s a touch inconvenient.

I have to respect the way she went out, sword in hand surrounded by enemies with a prayer and smile.

If I had to choose between any death I that would be the one I take.

“Come oh enemies of God and mankind, let my blade kiss you to sleep.
Let us all go face judgement together, for I fear not and accept my fate.”


So basically, she went looking for death?


She went where she felt she needed to go, in the manner she felt necessary.

I’m sure Din and Hasani appreciate all of the kind thoughts, though.


I see.

Rest peacefully, suuolo.


I don’t want my comment to be taken the wrong way - I have no idea of her motives, but she participated in that assault knowing full well that if she were to die, that would be it.

Death is something that has become wholly abstract to us Capsuleers. In contrast, Marshal Protector Alizabeth seemingly not only accepted its finality, she actively decided to meet it, sword in hand. This is something that I can respect.

May her spirit be judged on its merit, and receive its due reward, what ever that may be.


I did not know the Marshal Protector well, but appreciated her bravery on Alkabsi.

May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, and may God judge you kindly.


Goodbye, Alizabeth. And thank you.


I make my due obeisance to your blood, honour and rank, my lord Chancellor.

This grievous news reaches me whilst on liberty at the Abbey. I am told that our Father Confessor will be conducting a service in memoriam.

In addition, to truly honour a great warrior, I have sought permission for the trainees to hold a ceremony from our distant past - in which we honour our own fallen. It has been granted.

Tonight, we shall perform the war dance of our ancients, feast around the great fire, and tell stories of valour. As senior, I shall sing the Lament of the Broken Spear, which begins:

"And if it should be asked among the peoples
Whose daughter is this?
She who is a brave warrior achieves fame.
She stands at the prow of the canoe.
Her name is heard throughout the land.
She who exalts her blood, is herself uplifted."


I’ve waited a few days for my mind to settle and more information to come in about Alizabeth’s death. I’ve wanted to speak my peace on it, but I wanted to make sure that I was both in the right state of mind and working with the right information. But now, it’s been some time. So, without further ado, I’ll give my thoughts.

Alizabeth committed suicide. That much is clear. To cancel one’s clone contracts and then drop on a blooder world for an assault like that couldn’t have had a purpose other than ending the life(lives?) of the capsuleer.

For those of us who knew her well, we knew that killing herself was commonplace. She had it stuck in her head that it was a good way to apologize. It was a problem. We, in fact, knew she had many demons that she had to face. And so ultimately, her final death comes as a result of the inaction of those close to her, myself included. In fact, I may be one of the ones who is most to blame.

Some months ago, in December, I think it was… she did something dumb that affected me negatively. The specifics of it aren’t important. What’s important is, this lead her to want to ‘apologize.’ After she kept trying to get me to watch her commit suicide multiple times, I put some distance between us. These suicides were among several obvious calls for help.

Eventually, she went back to Delve to kill blooders after she got in trouble for an IGS post. It should have been obvious to us that she was a ticking time bomb. Something like this was going to happen sooner or later. In Delve, she had more freedom. There were fewer eyes on her. Unfortunately this clearly let her plan and carry out this final suicide without anyone noticing in time to stop it. It wasn’t a planned out suicide-by-blooder.

The guilt of my failure to help a friend will weigh me down for the rest of my life. I saw the obvious signs and distanced myself. My inaction is sickening.

I’m sorry, Alizabeth.


Been there. Thought that.

It’s crap.

She did it to herself. And she did that to you.



A victory of attacking morale for your enemies…

Bad way to look at it but it’s still a thing.