Being for the Benefit of the Orphans Din and Hasani

With the passing of their mother, Din and Hasani have inherited a great many things that were hers. One of them is a Silver Magnate won by Alizabeth as part of Team Saurm in the Amarr Trials.

As neither of them are currently capsuleers, I have been asked to solicit offers for purchase from interested individuals.

They have not committed to selling this ship at this point. Offers can be made publicly or privately to myself and I will convey it to them.

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This is sickening. That ship represents Alizabeths journey to the Faith. From the records we have uncovered here she has provided more than enough for her children a million times over. There is no reason to sell the single most important family heirloom they have. None.

The only good to come from this disgusting display is at least now I know where to start to reclaim my niece and nephew. Be seeing you, Ms Vea.


Din and Hasahi have had enough reclaiming for the rest of their lives.

You do not want to do this. I don’t have the same respect for your faith my sister’s revenant did.

That ship is one of the relatively few material items that were uniquely Alizabeth’s.

Her children might come to regret selling it to some collection to gather dust, regardless of their current wishes.


Then maybe someone here ought to buy it, and maintain it for the children until they’re of an age to appreciate it?

This seems rather tasteless, and in combination with the recent posting on the thread announcing her death, morally questionable.


Sorting out the details of inheritance of a recently deceased practically at the same time as conducting funerary rights is normal. There are legal considerations, paperwork to be addressed, beneficiaries to gather and so on and so forth. Further, what is sentimental to you may not be for others, I myself gave up my mother’s treasured jewellery and Imperial Navy medals but kept an old Ni-Kunni recipe book she got from her own mother. That is the item that meant the most to me and the rest helped towards my obligatory payments for my capsuleer training.

As much as one can advise to others to reconsider their choices regarding dealing with a loved one’s chattel, it seems grossly presumptuous to dictate what they should be, or to question the morality behind any choices. This isn’t your business, it’s theirs and theirs alone. Please be respectful of that.


It’s just a ship. Make an offer or GTFO. I would but I simply don’t have the funds to consider such a purchase.

I agree with your post except for this comment. They made it our business by posting an ad for sale on IGS, which is known to be populated by opinionated, busybody capsuleers.

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And capsuleers with money.

However, despite a bid for 120 billion ISK, at present, Din and Hasani have decided not to sell.


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