Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private

I’m getting the above message whenever I try to follow a link to a dev post. Any idea why?

Can you provide the link you are trying to go to?

Ok, the top three links are currently:




Hope that helps

Those are not the canonical “perma” links to the threads, that’s why. The URL itself indicates this: canonical links are not drawn from groups or activity and certainly don’t have “undefined” anywhere in them.

Search for forums for those topics (don’t navigate to them via developer activity) and you can get their perma links, which never expire.

Having said that… this should work even though they aren’t canonical - @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Dopamine

To turn a link into a working one, remove the substring “groups/Developers/activity/undefined/” from it.

Previously, the links from the “Dev Posts” section were working, now no.

Yes, I can manually get to the posts, but it’s a bit of a ballache, especially on a phone.

So this no longer works for anyone then?

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