Open letter from a newbie to EVE developers

I want to start this letter by saying a little bit about who I am. I’m a Venezuelan boy, 39 years old, the oldest of 3 children. I was born in 1980, in the city of Maracaibo. I’ve always liked consoles, so I played with thetari 2600, nintendo family, super nintendo, Sega, PC, a bit of PS3 and PS4. When I first saw a console game I wanted to understand how to make those magical worlds that were seen behind the TV. So one thing led to another and I became a system developer graduated from university. Currently I develop systems in a bank located in Santiago de Chile, I don’t make games, although I would have liked to develop games, but I didn’t see the way to make them and earn money to support my family.

I have always been interested in role-playing games and especially in space, from space attack and space invader to atari. And more recently I remember DOOM on PC and an excellent space strategy game on Android, whose name I don’t remember now. One day I saw a YouTube advertisement for Eve that obviously caught my attention because it was in a space environment, but I did not give it importance because I assumed that it was another role-playing game in space that would not meet my expectations and that would turn out to be boring and would waste my time. Another day I saw a new EVE advertisement where there was a space battle and I wondered if it really would be worth giving it a try. So look for an Eve gameplay on Youtube. I found a video of Disowned Hero where he explained everything about how to do isk in mining ships. I honestly didn’t understand anything. So I kept looking for videos in Spanish and I met the teachers of Rekium EVE, Silicon Kingdoms, Helgast Militarum, DiasNocturnS and at that time my attention was total.

I installed the game and found myself immensely overwhelmed by the amount of information and things to do, I realized that EVE Online is very close to my ideal strategy game in space and what I was looking for for a long time. I have been a player since 05/08/2020 of the Amar race since with them the learning was a little faster because they use energy beams for defense and I did not have to worry about missiles. In these three months I have done ORE mining with my venture in the HiSec belts, Gas mining with my venture in the WormHole, a little industry, transport and trading in Jita and more recently Relic Sites in WormHole. From this experience I can tell you that there were days that I was about to give up for losing 2 ventures in the same day mining Gas, the frustration and rage was enormous since I did not understand the mechanics by which they found and destroyed me. Another day because of stupidity I lost an Iteron Mark V in a system invaded by the Triglavians, my ship endured the attack to dock me at a station but when I left it was dusty, the ship was carrying 30,000 cubic meters of ORE, I almost cried. However, despite the losses and thanks to the teachers I mention above, I continued with my learning process and managed to become a wormhole ninja, I have a Gallente imicus of 1 million ISK and with that ship I have managed to buy and fit an Astero, an Iteron Mark V, an Arbitrator and a Gila. Today I can say that I can go to a C5 category WormHole with my Astero without overclocking (I’m not omega) and return with a 60 million ISK loot. I am aware that perhaps one day they can destroy me by mistake but my ship has already paid for itself and as I once heard from a teacher: Death is part of EVE online and you must learn from it. Saying it is easy, but doing so involves a slow learning and error curve. I also joined a corporation but have not had much contact with them other than a couple of exchange emails and in fact not even my main station is at the Corp but at an NPC station near JITA. I think I like learning about the game on my own and that makes it more fun.

As I said above I am still an alpha clone but I plan to upload to omega soon, as an alpha player I can tell developers that not having overclocking makes the initial learning process more difficult but I understand the reasons why it is not available. Another gap in the game is the fact of having that vast interstellar system and not being able to decide to be of a non-human race with technologies and physical attributes different from those we already know, is something that is lacking. Also as an alpha I would like to experience planetary mining even with limitations. And sometimes when I’m in space I would like to go down to some planet, land and get to know its culture, its commerce, its events or simply admire its geography, its flora or its fauna, that’s another thing that would make EVE a more complete game. and complex. Imagine having Low or Hi sec planets where you can buy a space to sell your stuff or trade and talk face to face with players of alien races. The possibilities would be endless. Also and although it seems crazy I would like the area considered HiSec to be larger, sometimes I feel suffocated by the lowsec areas and I feel that the HiSec area is too small. Finally, it would be great to add to EVE Portal the mobile app the option to buy and sell in JITA.

Finally, I want to congratulate CPP and the developers for this masterpiece of role-playing games in space and I assure you that they will have my financial contribution in the near future so that the EVE Online project continues to grow, because it really is worth it.

Greetings to all! citizens of the new Eden.




They are maturing pretty late now.


A girl called me an old man once and I’m like 14.


Jokes aside, I think it’s a fairly decent post.

I think the OP should be given time to keep learning at his own pace. He has said some stuff that is questionable (e.g. increase amount of high-sec space), but overall, seems to be comfortable with dangerous space, isn’t actually complaining about PvP, et cetera.

One thing I would say directly to the OP: don’t expect stuff like “alien races” and landing on planets to look at trees and animals. It’s just not that kind of game, and never will be. There are some games on Steam that offer exactly that, however.

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It’s actually a key point in the lore that there are no known aliens. All sentients are human.

Caldari? Human.
Jove? Human.
Drifters? Human.
Triglavians? Human.

Humanity filled one galaxy, travelled to another, and found zero intelligent alien life. It’s humans all the way down.

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I dunno bro, I have seen some strange bots in the belts…


That is a fair point, but I was restricting my comments to pixels, and not the meatbags at the keyboard, or not, as it may be.

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This is a list of very bad and poorly thought out ideas disguised as an “open letter”.

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And sometimes when I’m in space I would like to go down to some planet, land and get to know its culture, its commerce, its events or simply admire its geography, its flora or its fauna,

We do have a page for lore, with images.

A world of wonders. Still not fleshed out in the game to full extend.


I’m always weary of new players who have opinions on game design choices other than what they immediately have interacted with like the UI or tutorials.

Either they have delusions of grandeur thinking that even without knowledge on a subject their opinion on it has merit and should be listened to. Or they’re not new at all, they’re just alts pretending to be new, and as such they’re a liar. I still don’t know which is worse.

It’s kinda similar to “newbies” who already state that they know exactly what they want to do in EVE while not having done it yet, the “I’m new and I want to mine”. Really? Being new you don’t know the options you have and you don’t know what mining actually entails or how interesting it is. Those people are alts, not new.


Removed some off topic posts.

That’s my bad, I accidentally started a fire with my remark about the resemblance between a female Cenobite and a member of a South African music group.

You may beat me with a stick if you wish.