Open Letter to Caldari Navy Command

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been troubled during recent fleet operation with EDENCOM at the abysmal performance of the navy. Careful investigation of engagements that I have witnessed as well as the specific fittings and characteristics of destroyed Navy vessels demonstrate that there exists at least multiple grievous flaws in them:

  1. Severe lack of resistance to Electromagnetic (EM) damage

It is well known that shields are extremely vulnerable to EM damage (outside some exotic Republic Fleet designed shield hardward) and thus ship designers and capsuleers have to take special consideration to harden their shield against such damage. Most capsuleer accomplish this via the use of shield hardeners, resistance amplifiers, and rigs. A single EM hardener is sufficient when used in combination with a multispectral hardener.

This vulnerability renders the generous basilisk wing of Navy Task Groups largely ineffective.

  1. The choice of missile weapon systems suffers from insufficient application

Either including more hybrid platforms such as the excellent Ferox class and Rohk class, or procuring target painting technology would improve the ability of the fleet to put damage on target consistently. I believe that against triglavians in particular, hybrid platforms would fare much better all around combined with mixing in rapid light launchers on some of the cerberus to improve the fleet’s ability to dispatch the smaller triglavian vessels.

  1. ECM is largely ineffective.

The resources spent on ECM would be best spent on target painters, stasis webifiers, or ideally, more hybrid platforms. If the ECM must be retained, it should be spread against the renewing vessels of the triglavians.

There is no time to waste for the State, the records speak for themselves, the state has been hit about as often as the other empire proportionately but the outcomes from the triglavian invasions in the Sate are by far worse, including half of all the so-called Final Liminality system.

Without drastic action from the Caldari Navy, it may be necessary to write off the defense of the State completely. If the state can’t even perform on par with the federation against the invaders, how will it protect itself – whatever small pockets will remain at any rate – from the Federation after this emergency?

With Regards,



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I would add to this that the way the navy uses the ECM is mostly contributing to its ineffectiveness. All ships applying ECM to one target is pointless, outright retarded even. ECM is there to be spread among the entire hostile fleet to make its functionality fall apart. If the Navy doesn’t know this or their personnel ignores this simple procedure, eduction drill camps ought to be in order for ranks and files and leadership.


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