Open Letter to the Communications Relay Committee of the Directive Enforcement Department

To Whom It May Concern,

I understand that recent events have threatened the wider stargate network with catastrophe and that crisis rightfully received the attention it deserved. However, there appears to be an issue affecting the fluid router network as well. Whether it is related to the formation of the so-called “Pochven” region can only be left to speculation at this time, though I have my suspicions.

Nonetheless, I formally wish to bring your attention to the issue that the critical text-based communications relays upon which many capsuleers—and undoubtedly, baseliners—rely upon have become more difficult to use. The standard communications interface has a dark grey background and the text upon that background now appears as a slightly lighter shade of dark grey. It is as if the written word itself has become camouflaged.

Sample: Bad Text

The fatigue upon the eyes—even augmented ones—increases with the length and volume of messages, such that lengthy conversations become a chore and they only become more burdensome as the number of participants increases. This fatigue is further compounded with time spent perusing messages and affects Alliance, Corporation, and Fleet communications to name a few critical examples.

I hope that whomever is responsible for restoring the communications relays and fluid routers to full operational effectiveness are aware of this issue and that all resources that can be allocated to them in these trying times have been. If they are unaware, then please consider this open letter sufficient notification. I pray that the issue does not extend itself into the IGS as well.

Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Senior Fleet Commander, EDENCOM Defense Initiative


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