Calsuleers a dire time is coming

Hello my fellow capsuleers im am shimiku CEO of Zircron Industries we are a small manufacturing corp that produce items for the Upwell market and to other markets.
But we do also invest isk in to RnD and we have been investegating the Communication problems that have been happening in the past few hours

as you all know SCC have introduced us to the blackout of the communication network of all nullsec area to preserv some kind of helium fluid that the communication network use and are keeping this helium fluid a trade secret, so there have not been much luck for our research department to find out how to make this our self.

in the mean time we have been looking in to the problems that the communication network have been experienced so far, our theory is that this is that, some one is trying to disrupt the network even more then it already is, this could be one of the grate conglomerate of nullsec but we think it’s more likely that it’s the drifter forces have found a new way to extend their disruption of the network or the triglavians fear that the drifter is going to gain control over nullsec system and might have started to get in to the capsuleers network to gain intel on the drifter in a similar way that the nullsec conglomerate have gathering intel over the system they control we base this on the triglavians ability to change system text that are shown in the info panel to the capsuleers,

that is all for now we will be back if more info arise


The substance in question is Quantum Entangled Helium-4 (QE He4). This substance is also known by another name in New Eden: PLEX.

I promise, nobody in nullsec is making CONCORD’s fluid router network even worse than it’s been. We like the fact that our clones work if we explode. This one is all on CONCORD’s crappy management of their resources, though I’m sure they’ll blame the Triglavians for it.


They already have. And they used it to secure themselves a massive payday with no critique of what they were planning to spend any of the taxes on.

As I have stated before, it is very worrying that CONCORD rushed through such legislation and, if the Inner Circle and CONCORD Assembly refuse to hold AEGIS and the DED to account, we must.

This is why I wish all of New Eden who have concerns about this legislation to join me in peaceful protest on the 18th of this month and tell CONCORD that you’re not on board!

Oh no, I meant today’s particular set of hiccups and system failures. Like Local turning back on in null and somehow in Anoikis.

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Oh, I agree! It tells me that they had enough QE He4 but were stockpiling it secretly for their own purposes - most likely to get more money to embezzle!

They’ve been rationing it. My concern is more that if they’ve reduced the shipments out here, one of these times when everything glitches, ships will explode and people won’t wake up.


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