Option to be a true solo pilot

Option to be a true solo pilot is missing.

Yes we can be in the NPC corp but that’s not really being corporation free and solo.

Especially for an explorer.

No, it’s not.

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Yes it is. I am forced under duress to be in a corp, the NPC corp.

You can make your own corp and call it “no corp” or “solo corp” or whatever.

I am still in a corp, I want to be in NO corp. True solo pilot.

wondering Why?

Then call it “NO corp” then you will be in “NO corp” as you desire. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because I want to be a solo explorer with no corp ties in any way.

The requirement to be in a corporation is a coding one.
It got built that way when EVE got made, and trying to rip it out simply isn’t worth the drama it will cause.
Just minimise corp chat or run a single pilot corporation, no need for massive code changes.

This isn’t a topic about technical nuts and bolts details, this is a player idea topic. Technical details are CCP’s domain, not ours.

Ignoring the technical nuts & bolts in order to promote a self serving idea is just foolishness.
If something is technically difficult and doesn’t make a meaningful change in gameplay, it’s simply not going to happen.

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This is “player features and ideas” sub forum, not “database 101”

The decision is ultimately CCP’s, not yours or mine.

As for self-serving ideas, everybody’s idea is arguably self-serving.

Now, what happened to the “everybody plays differently” we keep hearing when we are looking at changing mining?

why do so many people feed Zoiie, lol

No need to resort to attacking the messenger for posting an idea you disagree with.

Personal attacks don’t help your cause.

Because regardless of the OP’s motives posting this sort of thing, other people read this forum also
And educating other people that technical considerations matter can save us five more threads on this topic over the next six months sometimes.


Yeah, was a mistake, will not do again. :wink:

In Eve Lore the ships we fly are managed by crews, you could think of the Solo Corp as you leading your crews instead of an individual pod pilot.


I fly solo literally daily. Another dead topic by this OP. Please biomass kthx.

Not really. By setting up your own corp you become a sole trader. More or less a mom and pop business.

Remember everything thing in eve is based around the market and services. Think of the corp being your means to pay your taxes.