Should 1 man corps be banned?


Why are they useful?

Should they be banned?

Below is the idea in full that I developed during the course of this thread:

Here’s the post again for your benefit and for the benefit of newcomers:

-at least 1 million sp
-a pop up message on opening the corp:

You must ensure you recruit an Accountant and Director within the next 14 days. If you are unable to then this corporation will enter shutdown mode. Any facilities owned by this corporation when shutdown initiates will be transferred to CCP Holdings until you are able to reinstate your corporation by meeting the minimum recruitment quota.

-if you want to get your corp back from CCP Holdings you must pay the release fee.

-Players who have a corp that has been transferred to CCP Holdings CANNOT open a new corp.

-CANNOT anchor ANY structure unless corp has a minimum of 10 players (must include a Director and maybe two other important corp roles).

-No access to more than 1 corp wallet UNLESS an accountant has been recruited.

-No access to more than 1 station hangar UNLESS a director has been recruited.

  • you get access to +1 corp wallet and station hangar every 3-5 members recruited.

-corporation gets shutdown if nobody comes online in a month.

-corporation base tax of 2% depending on the Empire owning the station where you opened your corp.

-opening fee must vary between regions or across empires: could be between 2.5 mil in easy highsec systems to 150 mil in NPC null.

-Monthly corp administrative fee also based on region.

-CCP will introduce benefits for corp owners based on the tax rate. For example a deduction in tax if you recruit more corp members, and lower resource costs to blueprints for NPC null corps with higher tax bands.


Why are they harmful?
Why should they be banned?

If someone wants to play alone, let them by all means.


If things that were not useful were eliminated, most of the people I knew in school would be gone.

Is there some issue with one man corps? Some adverse effect on game play or the environment?


So I just put 2 alts of my account in one corp?

I don’t see the benefit of a big corp. They are just as empty and devoid of meaning as my small alt corps. They are useless and full of clutter and annoying chatter all the time.

Besides, who are you to ask for this kind of freedom limiting, nothing gaining ban? You have been in 2 1 man corps created by your own char in the recent past.




Well by the mere fact that they are not real corporations.

A corporation is led by a group of players working harmoniously in industry or PvP. This in turn pushes the game economy and makes us all engage in Eve happily.

What is the purpose of a 1 man corp? Are they filling up the corps list?

By the way is it still possible to apply for corporations via the corp search page? Surely all the one man corps on there should be filtered out. How much wasted space is taken on the servers by these nonexistent or solo players?

But isn’t the clutter the whole problem? Too much filler in a game dilutes the purpose and scatters us around into nomad land. Now we have a game filled with echoes.

A corporation is something that each user can create to fulfill their dreams and ideas of how they want to use EVE. I happily engage with a ton of other people outside my alt corp in all sorts of activities and do not see any need to have these people in my corp.


Ok so what makes you so special that you require the body of a corporation to fulfil your one man desires?

I don’t think there is anything you can do to prevent some people from playing MMO’s solo. Just how some people are.

I don’t think we need to loose any sleep about the corporation list filling up. CCP can just add more paper to the notebook.

I’ve never been part of a Corp that was harmonious. Someone needs to tell me what that is like. :slight_smile:


Who says that a corp needs be led by a group of players working harmonuously (lol btw…this is still eve right?)? What are solopreneurs for you? There are single person corporations in RL as well - and if it’s just to separate wallets - business and private

I don’t really see any argument you brought for why 1 man corps (does this include alt-corps in general?) create any issues - this just seems to be a rather pointless discussion
Any solo pvp player or solo industrialist can do whatever he wants and his contribution can not be judged by what kind of corp he is in. Judging by your logic, NPC corps must be a horror as well…

What makes the impact of a mission runner in highsec any different based on what corp he is in? What changes the impact of an industrialist based on his “type of corp”?


By the way: I’m neither for or against the idea. This is merely for discussion purposes.

I like the idea of having a game where one man corps that remain one man corps for longer than a week are given a warning that they will be shutdown if recruiting doesn’t continue within a set number of days.

Yes, fully agreed, the clutter of huge corps is a problem. Too many alts in one place is not good.

I must say your idea of cooperation is very limited. I am in common chats with lots of different people pursuing lots of different activities. WE do not need to be in the same corp to do that. All that’s necessary is having places to meet.

And using an MMO in solo mode is perfectly fine. You do not have to have other users around you all the time. Often times solitary activities are enjoyable relaxation from a busy live. The beauty of an MMO is that you are never truly alone. While you can rat “alone” in your null sec system or run missions on your own, there are people out there who can interfere with you or help you if you ask them in local. Or you chat idly with other people in bigger communities while you do your thing.

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You’re talking about camaraderie. I’m talking about corporations where a group of players agree to work together to achieve a common goal and share resources and exploits.

Do you not see the benefit in that?

No - I see benefit in people working together, but if they do that via an ingame channel, a corp or an alliance, doesn’t really make a difference to me.

And even then - you can’t force people to work together anyways and making it harder for people that want to play alone or mostly alone to do that, will not help create more contet in any way


Please read my posts before commenting. One man corps in the very form you indicate serve no role or purpose to satisfy the game.

It’s like space junk.

No, I do not. That is something some people find interesting and those people join up in groups already. Other people, like myself, rather do things on their own terms and with their own means. And they ask other people for assistance if there is the need for it. That’s the kind of cooperation that I think is just as beneficial as big corps. And again: The beauty of EVE is that it allows for both.

The beauty of the recruitment menu is also that you can set the Size of Corporation slider to the preferred number of members that you want to see in a corp. By default that’s set to 50+ chars, which already filters out all the 1 man corps from the results.


Then fine let them play alone. They can do that outside of a corp.

They do - and even if it’s just to be able to seperate wallets from business (i.e. industry) and anything else to see how effective production was.

And regarding space junk…it’s not like there would be a limit so who cares?


So you’d like to see the game filled up with trash rather than a decent number of player run corps who provide entertainment and viable content?

Girl bye.