Orbit Shortcut Not Working for Fighters

Just bought my first carrier, a Nidhoggur. Running rock havens in Null Sec with Templar I’s.

I noticed that my fighters were not orbiting when I used the ‘W’ shortcut.
My corpmates say they have no such issues.

On further testing, I found that my fighters do not orbit when:

  • Pressing ‘W’ after selecting target in Target List.
  • Pressing ‘W’ after selecting target in space.

However, they will orbit under the following conditions:

  • Pressing ‘W’ after selecting target in Overview.
  • Clicking Orbit in the Selected Items window.
  • Right-clicking target in Overview and selecting Orbit.
  • Right-clicking target in Target List and selecting Orbit.
  • Automatically orbiting upon attack command.

Can anyone confirm if this is normal behavior? If not, any suggestions on how I can fix it?
Re-logging and rebooting has had no effect.

I can use the Overview to select targets, but I much prefer the Target List.

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