Orca fit issues

I’m having trouble fitting the mwd 500 is anyone else having issues it just seems like no matter what I do I Can’t Get Enough CPU or power and I didn’t have an issue before but in the last couple weeks something changed

500MN MWD II needs 1.38K power and a max skill Orca has 1.5K. As long as nothing else in your fit requires power - you should be good.

Thank you I figured it out of my own stupidity it was my bad fitting skills someone at jitta was able to help me out

Oï mate !

I see you are also trying to get your Orca those dank align speed with the 500MN Microwarpdrive ! It’s good, but as said, the Orca have very limited Powergrid, to the point where fitting this propulsion module will force you to turn off a lot of other module. The Orca is a big, sluggish and expansive ship, so you shouldn’t try to fly it if you don’t have both CPU and PG skills at V. Those are mandatory on almost every ship in the game, since it will help you with your fits without being forced to place in fitting modules, like Reactor Unit.

However, there is a module that is extremely interesting : the Power Diagnosfic Unit. It cost quite a lot of CPU, but improve the PG output of your ship, shield HP and capacitor capacity. Quite an interesting one, if you’re lacking powergrid and want a big more tank.

This is the fit I use. As you can see, there are Mining Foreman Bursts, because I mine in fleets, but if you’re solo you can swap them for whatever you want, like Shield command bursts.

[:biohazard: Core Solaria, Orca]

Damage Control II
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II

500MN Y-S8 Microwarpdrive I
EM Ward II
Thermal Dissipation Field II
Kinetic Deflection Field II
Drone Navigation Computer I

Mining Foreman Burst II, Mining Laser Optimization Charge
Mining Foreman Burst II, Laser Field Enhancement Charge
Shield Command Burst II, Shield Harmonizing Charge
Large S95a Remote Shield Booster
Large S95a Remote Shield Boosrer
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Core Defense Field Extender I
Large Core Defense Field Extender I
Large Core Defense Field Extender I

You can then take in Mining drones of your choice, and fill the rest of your drone hangers with light or medium scout drones, to defend your fleet against potential attackers. Personally, I use ‘Augmented’ Mining Drones, since I managed to get a blueprint with the Rogue Swarm Alert event, and farmed drone components in nullsec.

Please remember that this fit is IMPOSSIBLE to fit, because of the lacking PG. Why did you gave it to me, you may ask ? It simple : this fit is to be used in tandem with a Mobile Depot, and a safe station/citadel. You first undock (and for the love of bob, do insta undock bookmarks with a fast ship beforehand, it will ease your life on a new level), warp to the mining point with your fleet using that dank 500MN MWD (10s align time !). Once you’re in the belt or anomaly, drop your Mobile Depot and wait for the anchor time to reach 0. You can then refit by unfitting the MWD, turning off your modules and replacing the propulsion mode with an Adaptive Invulerability Field, or Shield Extender, your choice. Drop drones, mine like a madman and keep an eye out for gankers. There you go!

There are squire power grid management implants that could solve your power grid problems immediately without having to wait for your skills to catch up.

Call me a high-sec fool (and I won’t mind) but why tank such a massively shielded and structured ship if your plan is to run? Why not go with an ECM burst, inertial stabilizers and maybe even some ECM drones? I am no PVP player so my idea might be idiotic in practice, but my idea is if you are solo and you get tackled all the tank does is give you more time to plead for mercy which probably won’t happen. The stabs help you align faster in case of bumping or obstacles and the ECMs should help you break tackle so you can get to warp. Again if that is just not going to happen let me know, cause yes, I have learned the hard way that some things like warp core stabilizers don’t exactly work as one would expect either (which is why I did not even suggest them).

Sadly, ECM is not as strong as it once was to get you out of hard situation.

First of all, since ECM module is mostly chance based (even with max skills), fitting one and hopping to land it on something bigger than a frigate (and thus with high sensor strenght) is like flipping a coin and praying for it to land on the side.

Then, with the release that was out on October 9th, ECM recieved major changes that basically make it useless in if you are the only ship jamming. Basically, if someone ship is jammed, it can still target back the jammer and use modules on it, which mean a tackler will still hold you in place. Thus, since ECM will rarely land if they are used by an Orca, they cannot be considered as “mean” to save your 700 millions ISK ship.

Concerning my suggestion containing so many shield modules, and since you called yourself an “highsec fool”, I suppose you are operating in Empire space, from 0.5 to 1.0. This mean that, if someone attack your ship while you do not have a suspect or criminal flag on your head, CONCORD will warp in to destroy the attackers.

Depending of the security status, it will take more time for the defense fleet to warp in (~6 seconds in 1.0 and 0.9 systems, 19 seconds for 0.5). So, if your tank can hold long enough for the defense fleet to warp in, you’re good to go and saved a ship that can quickly raise a one billion ISK loss.

Let this get in your head : highsec IS NOT peaceful. Gankers make a miner life hard, and it’s good. Otherwise, it would just be a botland with a free police force ready to destroy whoever would like to interrupt this. Also, if you are mining alone in a system below 0.7, without REAL friends ready to save your ass, I’m sorry to say that, but you’re an idiot. 0.6 and 0.5 systems are where gankers have the most time to attack and take out your ship.

And sincerely, trying to speed tank something as big as an Orca is plain dumbness. Your Orca have a massive tank potential, don’t waste it for some precious seconds, since gankers usually roam in fast ships like Destroyers or Attack Battlecruisers (the ones that can fit large weapons), and should have scouts in even faster ships before the actual fleet.

Basiclly if you are using a 500mn MWD to align, you dont need any inertia stabilizers. You will warp at the end of the MWD cycle, unless you are bumped and cycle speed can only be decreased by skills (as far as im aware, i believe 8 secs is minimum cycle time for 500mn MWD, compared to the 40-50 secs align standard Orca has)
So you would rather wanna fit something like Damage Control and Drone Damage Amps in low slots, fill mid with 500mn MWD and as much passive shield resist as possible. High slots can be shield bursts, remote reps for drones and neut/nos if you want. Rigs should be Core Defense Field Extenders.
In highsec, the goal for a fat lard like the Orca, is to be as tanky as possible. Having 500k EHP with shield burst, is gonna be enough to deter most of the ganking fleets, simply because you would require 2-4 times the amount of ganking ships to kill it, as an Orca fit for fast travel or cargo expanded.

Highsec is dangerous for big transport ships, very dangerous. You either wanna be small, fast and agile, or big, fat and with as much tank as possible.
Just skim zkill, i would venture to say that 70%+ of all orca/freighter/jump freighter/bowhead kills in highsec are either untanked ships or ships fit for massive cargo/fast align.

Personally I fit a DCU and Bulkead II in the lows, TriMark II in the rig x1 and two mining drone rigs. 300kEHP while still letting the drones mine like a madman and I dont have to sacrifice PG to tank. Mids have Survey + AB + Drone Navs

Afterburner II works fine for my needs, two cycles and your out, without having to worry about the PG requirement of a MWD.

Edit: I use this fit when mining with my other accounts in Covetors, Covetors have to use the damage drones, with 3x Drone Nav II’s the Warrior II’s I run on the Orca move to fast to kill anything.


Seems an odd statement for two reasons. For one, I clearly indicated in my post the point of the fit was to avoid suicide and other gankers. And two, I never said it was peaceful. That said, its not safe to generalize. Peaceful is a relative term and not an absolute. One could get murdered in a Buddhist temple. Safer to say hi-sec is safer but not completely safe, and different systems less safe.

I never said anything about ECM modules. I said ECM burst modules, which don’t require a target lock. Trying to lock something in a orca so as to ECM them would be a silly business. I did mention ECM drones and the new changes will affect them. But, good luck finding and shooting the right drone or drones of 5, or hope you got a smartbomb.

That said with ECM drones its going to depend on if and when they decide to wake up and attack your attacker cause as per above, locking and manually directing them is not much of an option with the eons it takes to lock a ship in an orca.

Sure. But I took it that we talking in general space and not about me. At any rate, it also depends on which parts of space you are operating. I have only seen a ganker fleet large enough to take down an untanked orca in hi-sec on youtube videos. Regardless, there is always risk, granted.

Well, this is very curious. Scouts can be guessed at. And if you don’t see the fleet coming you are not paying attention to local at all. If in low sec or below, if the scout scrams you then you either get to die slow for being tanked, or die a bit faster for not being…unless you have some sort of way of breaking tackle before the fleet arrives. But, you know, I have very little practical experience with any of this. If you do, I would suggest any inexperienced listener take your advice by default over mine…unless they consider themselves very clever.

Also, my point was not to speed tank at all. I think you might be confused as to what the term means. (or am I?) My point was to be able to get around obstacles and maybe avoid bump jams, not fly so fast you only get grazed by gunfire. Ever just warp into an ice field, are hugging up on an iceball trying to get settled and then you suddenly feel like you need to get the hell out of there pronto? Well, that ice ball might very well slow you down from aligning properly or gaining enough speed for the warp drive trick to work. Inertial stabilizers will be a big help. Your best defense is as ever to simply not be there when the shooting starts.

Again, I am not pretending to be a pro. But you should also clearly indicate if you are going off of experience or word on the street.

Edit: Details, details. Of course the fit also depends on if you are solo or in a fleet that has the capability of protecting you. Shield and structure tanking an orca makes a million times more sense if you got well armed guards of course.

Sure. But with an orca you have at least one other role besides transport, and that is mining. The OP never said what role his orca was going to play.

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