Orca "Starbase Forcefield Password" Usage

I just recently got an Orca, and I have a second account running security and a total of 10 drones active at any time. However, it’s now obvious that mining drones are near worthless (33/43 m3/act? Not great), and sitting here waiting for them to work is not working for me.

I noticed that I can set a POS password on my Orca, which I use to transport my security destroyer when it’s time to move on. However, if I also store an Exhumer in my hangar that belongs to me, and have a password set, can I safely leave the Orca (via “escape pod”) and switch to the Exhumer and the password will remain, avoiding any (real) threat of theft?

I understand that all modules go offline and the orca would become defenseless in a situation, please just focus on the question. If there is extra information I should know, mention it AFTER giving a real answer.

Edit: I noticed I didn’t mention this either, but I’d rather not make a third account to do this the easy way and avoid leaving the Orca altogether. Already having 2 Omegas active is stressful for my computer, a third would be nuts.

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The password is for the Orca to enter a POS force field, not for a capsules to jump in the Orca.

You risk to lose the ship if someone capable of flying it find it


The password is for Player Owned Starbases. It is not related to the accessibility of your Orca. If you leave the Orca, another player can take it. I in fact did this to someone’s Raven.

I do remember a long time ago something along the lines of ‘If you lock up your empty ship no one can steal it’. However this was nearly 10 years ago and i never thoroughly tested it.

My advice; do not leave a ship in space if you don’t want it stolen.

This is how I obtained my first Orca, and the stuff that was in the fleet hangar.


I current have an alt using a Praxis with a salvage/hacking heron in its escape bay.

Ill let you know if the “lock n tether” doesnt work.

When an empty ship is locked, only its “owner” (the most recent pilot who was inside of it in space) can enter it. If it’s not locked, then anyone can enter it.

Keep in mind that just because you’re locking the ship, doesn’t mean someone can’t steal it. They can suicide-gank the locking pilot, or suicide-ECM it, or bump it out of lock range. If you do something like this, redundancy is recommended.

Would be nice if I could leave my ship floating in space and locked so that nobody else can enter it.

Too bad it only works with a ‘target lock’ and not, say, the lock on a car.

‘Did you lock the car?’
‘Yes I did, but I can’t join you as I will lose the lock when I walk too far away!’

Hey don’t park your car in the bad side of town and you won’t have that problem.

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