Order of St. Rynna - No one is above God

Faithful Amarrians,

We are a new group with a focus on Amarr Roleplay.

We are welcoming of new pilots and, as with all of our members, will help to support them in whatever they choose to do.

The only hard requirements are that you must have been born into the Amarr Empire and that you must be an Amarr Loyalist

We have ties to Faction Warfare, thus we have plenty of allies and resources that can benefit you. However, enlistment will be the choice of the individual and is completely voluntary - you will not be forced into anything if that is not what you want.

We also have plenty of opportunity for industry pilots as well, as we are working towards setting up a permenant residence in a system with some rather valuable resources.

Praise God!

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Bumping. Praise God!

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